Custom Comfort for Your Feet: Wiivv Review

I have wide feet. I remember when I was young and running around barefoot. People told me that I would get wide feet. The problem was I already had wide feet and I ran around barefoot because wide shoes for little kids didn’t exist and I was always in pain. My college years were particularly painful. I remember purchasing a pair of slippers on the way home from school one day because the shoes I had worn were hurting my feet so badly. Finally a few years later I discovered a company that would make custom fit shoes. They were great. I actually still have them. They fit my width great but the insoles are not so great. Customization for my arches didn’t exist. Enter Wiivv Custom Insoles.

Wiivv Custom Insoles for your Arches

Wiivv makes custom comfortable and supportive insoles to fit your feet,  and most importantly your arches. The science behind Wiivv’s soles is supported by their 3 member Biomechanical advisory board. Using digital mapping in conjunction with your smart phone. Wiivv creates a product unique to your feet. YOUR FEET! Nobody else’s. Your custom insoles are 3D printed and shipped right to you.

Why You Want Custom Insoles

Sometimes we don’t even realize we might have foot issues. For example people with high arches can have a problem with putting to much pressure on the ball and heel of their feet. I worked in a medical hospital for many years. There was a department in the hospital that was new to me. It dealt solely with plantar fasciitis. And it did big business. This is where the heel of your foot is in excruciating pain. And one of the solutions for it is comfy insoles. How much better if they are custom? Here’s an article on Wiiv’s website about 10 Types of Foot Pain custom insoles can help >>>> 10 Types of Pain Wiivv Custom Fit Orthotics Can Help

Creating my Custom Insoles

I took Wiivv Custom Insoles on a ride recently. It was a painless procedure.
  1. After downloading the Wiivv app to my phone and a creating an account I set about measuring my feet.
  2. Using my phone first I took a picture of the tops of both of my feet.
  3. Next, using my camera again, I took pictures of the sides showing my arches.
  4. All the images were sent to my account and then I picked the design I wanted on my Wiivv.
  5. I received updates via email as to that status of my order.
  6. About a week later I had my Wiivv’s in the mail.

What did I think?

Well after gushing over the fact that my name was imprinted on the bottom of each insole I was surprised at my arch height! I’ve never really thought about my arches through the years but it’s time for me to buy new shoes (like for everything) and this time I wanted big comfort. We wide feet people have it hard. I decided to test out my new Wiivv insoles on a day away at camp with my family. My daughter and husband were both at teen church camp and I went out to spend the day with them in my wide with shoes and custom Wiivv insoles. Putting my insoles in my chosen shoes was a breeze. On the package they do say you can trim them to fit but I did not need to. I was wearing thick socks with my shoes and the addition of an insole made them a bit tight. That’s something to think about. The insoles are too big to fit in a pair of clogs I wear which is a bummer because I they are my favorite shoes. They can go in but then it’s too tight of a fit for my feet with socks. I wore my shoes with custom insoles all day. I left home at 10am and came about about 10pm. There was a lot of walking, running, some sitting and talking but my feet were happy. Sometimes they will start to hurt after so much activity but I didn’t even think about my feet once! Next up I will put them in my workout shoes. I haven’t tried that yet but I definitely will be. Wiivv also makes custom fit flip flops and 3/4 length soles if you need to fit smaller toe dress shoes. These might be an option for my clogs.. I don’t know about you but I live in flip flops all summer. This would be worth the investment. They cost a little more than the insoles. I personally think these could make a wonderful, personal gift for someone. Right off, when I heard of them, a family member came to mind who has suffered with foot arch problems for many years.  And yes Wiivv has a gift purchase option. Also available on their website. Wiivv Custom Insoles can be purchased through their online store.

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