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My daughter recently got to read more about her chosen profession when we reviewed the title  Christian Heroes – Gladys Aylward by Janet and Geoff Benge and YWAM Publishing. Part of the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series.

The Sweet Peanut has said for several years that when she grows up she wants to be a missionary. She loves reading their amazing stories.  And she loves the idea of spreading good news in a far country.  She has especially loved other publications from YWAM Publishing so she was really excited for this book.

This isn’t the first time we’ve reviewed a YWAM publication and we’ve loved each one. This time I let my daughter pick the title and she chose Gladys Aylward right away!

YWAM Publishing
Gladys Aylward is part of the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series which are books about Christian heroes in history.

To review this title we were sent a softbound cover book with 205 pages and a link to the Downloadable Unit Studies Curriculum Guide

You can see all the titles in the Christian Heroes: Then & Now Series and also ….

About Gladys Aylward

Gladys Aylward was born at the turn of the 20th Century. She felt called to become a Christian Missionary to China and even though she was rejected through normal channels because she had trouble passing the language classes, she decided to go anyway and made the journey under her own steam by way of Russia.

Glady’s amazing story details the wonderful works she was able to do on the behalf of Christ deep in heart of China. She touched many lives and did amazing work especially for the children in China.

How did We like this book?

Here’s my daughter’s take (I did edit a teensy bit)…

Gladys was caring, kind, and wise. The story begins when she taking Bible class so she could be a missionary but she failed. And she had to leave the school.

On her train ride to China she had to stop in Russia because there was a war going on. She was arrested in Russia because the Russians thought she was a machinist and she was actually a missionary!

In China she became a servant to earn money. She became a servant to a Mrs. Lawson where she learned about an inn where they would tell stories about the Lord. 

Glady is known for adopting Chinese children before and during the war. She is known for caring for these children and traveling with them for 22 days to find safety.

I liked this particular story because it gave details about Glady’s life. I liked the part where she adopted children because I am adopted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ~The Sweet Peanut


My daughter devoured this book rather quickly. My plan had been to have her read a few pages as we worked through the Unit Study. Well the best laid plans….you know the saying.  She read the book in about a day and I found myself scrambling to set up the Unit Study for her.

Since we use a traditional, boxed curriculum, Unit Studies are extra in our homeschool The layout of the YWAM Unit Studies is so cool! There is a start page and from there you can access all the other files neatly. It is helpful to get to the files you need without hunting through computer folders.

In our Unit Study we can find out more about Gladys Aylward, Meet the authors of the book, and dive into a deeper study of the book.

The Unit Study includes plans for using the study in a group setting, homeschool, with little time, or with a lot of time.

It’s broken up into 2 Parts with Part 2 being worksheets.

Mostly we’ve used the worksheets but there is a wealth of activities in part 1. Chapter review questions, movies to watch, creative writing ideas, and Chinese culture exploration.

Christian Heroes – Gladys Aylward and these books by YWAM Publishing are more than just books. 

You should also check out the Heroes of History collection by YWAM Publishers.

The combination of age appropriate writing and the complete Unit Study make it a great edition to the Reading, Writing, and Social Studies portion of any homeschool.

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YWAM Publishing Christian Heroes: Then & Now

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