2014 100 Days of a New Year Ebook Review

2014 100 Days of a New Year

2014 100 Days of a New Year Ebook is just the resource you need to get motivated for an organized and successful New Year.

Ebook Overview:

2014 100 Days of a New Year  is the newest in the line of 100 Days Ebooks from ListPlanIt.
A different kind of workbook2014 100 Days of a New Year is in a PDF format with 190 pages of tips, action points, motivation, and resources for the first 4 months of the New Year.

What’s Included

  • A list of the 75 Resources and Planning pages.
  • 2 Months at a glance calendars with actions for January thru April
  • 4 Months Daily activities, reminders, and habits to get you off to

The ebook starts off with a quick view of each of the four months (January, February, March, April) which is broken down into categories such as financial goals, family goals, habits, finances, time management, and home organization.

You can do the tasks at any time during the year but most people like to reboot and get a fresh start at the beginning of the year.

Each day’s task is simple and may point you to further online resources such as the Facebook page or other tools to help you meet goals and form good habits.

2014 100 Days of a New Year also helps you to set up an Organizing Binder that can in turn become your Home Organizing Planner.

Want to see more of what’s inside 2014 100 Days of a New Year? Click here for a small excerpt.

My Thoughts

I like the ideas behind the 100 Days series. Being organized is really important for me. As a wife, homeschool mom, church pianist, caretaker for my mother and online solopreneur having good habits set in place are key for me to meet all my obligations. In addition to having a workable planner having good systems in place are a must.

Having 2014 100 Days of a New Year helps me to reboot those areas I may have gotten off track in during 2013.

Busy moms that feel overwhelmed with all of life’s responsibilities may enjoy getting a new chance to reboot and reorganize too.

*Disclaimer: I was given a free copy to review from ListPlanIt. The views are all my own. I’ve enjoyed ListPlanIt products for several years. Oh. I’m also an affiliate and earn a small portion if you so kindly purchase through my link.

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  1. Keeping my home organised is always a biggie . It is something that always appears on my New Year Resolution list year after year….after year 😛 I would love to finally get things sorted this year!

  2. I am a full time grad student, mom, wife and will soon be entering the work field, so time management is a key focus.

  3. I’m currently working on rebooting my home organization and exercise routines. Both SO important; for peace of mind and home, and for good health. Sounds like a fantastic resource—thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  4. I’m always on the lookout for things to make my time management and organization come just a bit easier. This looks like a good tool to use!

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