Take a Trip Around the USA with By the Way Books Washington Here We Come ~ Review

Nature Books With A Biblical Worldview {By the Way Book Series Reviews}
We’ve been slowly introducing our wonderful state, Washington the Evergreen State,  to our young daughter through travel and history. So we were really excited to get to review Washington ~ Here We Come! from the By the Way Book Series by Joy Budensiek. 

Nature Books With A Biblical Worldview {By the Way Book Series }
The By the Way Book Series is a set of books that showcase God’s wonderful world state by state (and will include other regions in the months to come). Each book includes a tour through the state (or region) with interesting facts such as native wild life and fascinating sights both manmade and by God.

You’re taken on an exciting adventure along with illustrated characters Alex and Lexi.

In Washington ~ Here We Come! Alex and Lexi meet up with their tour guide and several other travelers. Piling into an RV they head up to a place I know and love. The Washington ferry system.

I rode the Washington Ferries to and from home and school and work for several years while living in Bremerton and attending the University of Washington. We recently took our daughter up there to lunch on the pier and will hopefully soon head back for a ferry ride!

We shared our memories and what we remembered but having Washington ~ Here We Come! would have really been a nice touch. 

Take a Trip Around the USA with By the Way Books. Washington Here We Come!

In Washington ~ Here We Come! you can learn a lot of interesting facts and tidbits about our lovely state. 

How our state is known for Starbucks (I don’t drink coffee), Amazon (I shop almost weekly), and Microsoft (my cousin works there) to name a few notable items.

Washington ~ Here We Come! also showcased some of our native wildlife such as the harbor seals, sea anemones, and lavender which I’m growing in my own front yard (it grows so well here). 

All too familiar with our rainy weather we learned from  Washington ~ Here We Come! that it rains in certain parts over 140 inches in a year! It’s raining right now as I type this up and rain is in the forecast for the rest of the week. Sigh!

There was a nice page on salmon which I think sometimes we tend to take for granted. As food that is. They are so plentiful here we try to have salmon every Sunday night for dinner. Fish is good for you. My father, who lives on the East Coast, looks forward to his salmon dinners when he visits.

There were also bits of history such as our rich Native American heritage, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and Mount St. Helens which blew when I was in high school!

Take a Trip Around the USA with By the Way Books. Washington Here We Come!

To enjoy this book we read it aloud after dinner while we were all gathered around the table.  Our goal is to make some trips around our beautiful state when we can. It’s much easier because we can drive and only spend a day or so.

While growing up in Seattle my mother took us to Ellensburg, Yakima, Bremerton, Silverdale, and Bainbridge Island. We had family that lived in Tacoma and we had lived in Bellevue when I was young so those places weren’t necessarily on the visiting radar.

My daughter also enjoyed reading  Washington ~ Here We Come! on her own. 

These books are a great way to showcase God’s amazing world to your children. He’s mentioned often and in bold with quotes like…

“It seems like God’s beautiful creation never ends. We just go from one awesome thing to another,” said Lexi.

There’s a lot of information about our beautiful Washington state in Washington ~ Here We Come! and I highly recommend this treasure to share with your children if you’re planning a trip here.

We’re not done visiting our great state so this book will come in handy on our journeys.

These By the Way Books are hard bound and include full color pages. Washington ~ Here We Come! is 49 pages.

The Homeschool Review Crew also got their pick of the following titles to review…

I know you would probably like to know the age range but I think this is one that can be shared by all ages.

Joy Budensiek’s goal is to write 100 such books, beginning with the 50 United States, and she’s off to a good start. Ireland and New York are scheduled for release this April.

When you get ready to plan your next trip through the U.S. check out the  By the Way Book Series to see if your destination has been covered yet.

You can connect with the By the Way Book Series through the following social media links

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/bythewaybooks/?fref=ts


Nature Books With A Biblical Worldview {By the Way Book Series Reviews}
Take a Trip Around the USA with By the Way Books. Washington Here We Come!

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