NOW ® Women’s Probiotic a @MomsMeet Product Review and Giveaway

If you’re like me this past year you’ve been inundated with emails, magazine articles, ads, and hints  questioning what are you doing about your Gut Health.

First I had to ask the question What is Gut Health?” I mean I think I know where my gut is but how do I know if it’s healthy or not? And can just eating the right foods or taking a supplement take care of that?

My disclaimer: Not a Doctor. Not a Health Professional.

This is what I’ve learned (so far). Your Gut starts in your mouth and ends at your business end. Now I always thought it was just your stomach and maybe some intestines but nope, it starts where you start to break down your food. And it ends where you food is finished digesting.

If y0ur gut is not healthy you can have issues such as Food Allergies (raising hand here), Seasonal Allergies (raising hand here), Skin Issues, Depression, Hormonal Imbalances, Asthma, and the list can go on.

I can attest to having a few of these issues and while I know that some of them had to do with what was going in my gut (food allergies) I didn’t realize that others may be solved or at least managed by looking at my gut health.

Gut Health

Apparently, we have and are supposed to have all kinds of, good, bacteria going on in our guts but they can get thrown off by illness, unhealthy diet, antibiotics, and some more stuff.

So since the American diet can use quite a bit of tweaking there is a lot of unhealthy gut going around which probably can be the reason there are a lot of Probiotics on the market.

Probiotics are the good bacteria in one form or another that you can introduce back into your gut.

But do they work?….(dun, dun,dun, dun- que music)


NOW® Women’s Probiotic

Recently I was given NOW® Women’s Probiotic to test out.

Now Foods via @Momsmeet sent me a package with the following…

  • NOW® Women’s Probiotic 20 Billion
  • BerryDophilus™ Kids Probiotic
  • Super Enzymes
  • and brochures

NOW® Women’s Probiotic 20 Billion is created specifically for the needs of women.

  • There is L. rhamnosus HN001 and L. acidophilus La- 14 which have been shown beneficial to women when taken orally.
  • B. lactis HN019 and HN001 support pregnant and nursing women.
  • and HN019 is for GI regularity,gas, and bloating.
NOW® Women’s Probiotic 20 Billion is Vegan, Vegetarian, and gluten free. You can find NOW® Women’s Probiotic at health stores nationwide for about $33.99

How I Used These Gut Products

The NOW® Women’s Probiotic comes in capsules and according to the package you are supposed to take them on an empty stomach. Since I also had the BerryDophilus™ Kids Probiotic for my daughter we both started taking them in the evening before bed.
My husband was pretty bummed that there were no Probiotics for him but he and I both took the Now Super Enzymes.
At first I didn’t really think the Probiotics were doing much of anything. I mean I’m fairly healthy and didn’t have any issues I could think of so I was like..meh. But I continued to take them for a couple of weeks and then I realized that this month (yeah I’m going there) parts of my “gut” didn’t become irritated like they usually do.(Remember your gut is begining to end.)My gut gets off balance once a month and I’m usually uncomfortable for several days, but this time there was none of that. Can I attribute it to the probiotics NOW® formulated specifically for women? I think so. I hope so. That would be nice. I will say that I have taken other probiotics where this did not happen. So A+ in my book for that one.
As I said my husband and I have also been taking the Super Enzymes and with those we both have noticed better digestion of our meals. This we really noticed right off. In fact I was a little nauseus the first time I took it and read that can happen. I kept taking it haven’t been nauseus since that first time.
For my daughter she usually has a bad hit of allergies at the beginning of the season. She did have some sneezing but it didn’t turn into a full blown cold as usual. Probiotics? Maybe.
NOW ® Women’s Probiotic a @MomsMeet Product Review and Giveaway

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I received this product for free from Moms Meet , May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These
products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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  1. I do take probiotics, but I haven’t really noticed any difference. I’m curious if I would have different results with this brand.

  2. I’ve never tried probiotics before, but I need to get serious about getting healthy and losing weight so I’m interested in trying this one. It sounds like you had some great results in a short time!

  3. I used to take Spirulina (a probiotic algae) a LOOOONG time ago. I was healthier, lost weight, felt good, and didn’t crave chocolate and other sugary foods. Then I couldn’t find capsules, which is the only way I can stand the taste and *smell* of it. LOL I did find it again, but haven’t actually started taking it again.

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