Creating A Welcoming Guest Bedroom

A Welcoming Guest Bedroom

Even if you have to stuff your guests in your home office, or junior’s room, prepare a welcoming guest room right and they’re in for a lovely stay.

Think of yourself on vacation when you start to set the stage for your guests. Give your guest a relaxing arena. Pay attention to the details when creating your welcoming room. Small things such as luxurious sheets, comfy pillows and a neatly appointed space.

Make sure that special space is drawn out for your guest’s comfort. It may serve as a home office year round but for those few days or weeks that a guest is under your roof move your business elsewhere in the home and surround your guest in beauty and comfort.


  • Change the linens right before your guests come. Even if you already had clean sheets on the bed you want to make sure all bedding is clean and fresh not stale. Hypoallergenic is a good choice for your sheets in case you have a sensitive guest. Have a spare pillow you use only for guests and maybe two to make it, again, luxurious. Add some extra towels (white) for your guest.


  • Give your guests to store their clothing. You could empty out a drawer or two for your guests to stow their belongings.  A luggage rack for them to put their suitcases on is a simple affordable item that can be stored away easily when not in use.


  • Keep the guest room neat and tidy. Don’t have a lot of knick knacks around. Put away what you can in the guest room. If the room serves as your child’s bedroom or home office put excess items in a basket or box and put them away until the room returns to it’s original use. That way your guest will have a nice serene environment.


  • Give your guests space to chill out. If there is space in the room provide a comfy chair and lamp for reading. Your guest may want a chance to just get away and be alone.  You don’t have to go out an invest in new furniture though. These inflatable chairs get good reviews and can do just nicely for your guest.  Add some magazines or a few of your favorite books. Setting up a private space for your guest is a very nice idea.



More tips…

  1. Get ideas for decor from catalogues from places such as Pottery Barn or Ballard Designs.
  2. No extra bed? Try an inflatable one.


You’ve just created your first B&B room for your guests. With service this good they just may refer you to their friends so look out!

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