Apples, Apples, What to do With All Those Apples!



Even though Fall is known for being apple season we live in the apple state s apples are in abundance year round. Well actually it’s the Evergreen State but we’re also known for our apples.

There are so many varieties and everyone has a favorite. My favorite is the Aurora Apple which is a cross between a Gala and another variety.

In my family we eat apples every day! We eat anywhere from 3 to 5 fresh apples a day so being in apple land and finding good deals on them is a must.

This past year my favorite food market has been selling a mix of organic apple varieties at $3 for a bushel box. They have so many of them they’re practically giving them away!

I couldn’t pass this up but even as many apples as we eat I still have to find ways to preserve the ones we can’t eat fast enough.

So what is one to do with this huge blessing of apples?

Canning Apples: The first thing I did with my first box of apples was to can them. I like to can apples in a light syrup so they aren’t overwhelmingly sweet. I also use the waterbath method. Not sure what I’m talking about? I use a kit like this and follow instructions found here. It’s really easy and such a nice way to put away for later. These canned apples make for good eating year round and also a yummy topping for oatmeal.

Freeze Apples: Freezing most anything is my go to method for preserving food. I just wish my freezer were bigger! Sometimes it’s hard to believe I worked with the tiny freezer above the fridge for years but I did make it work. I found great tips for freezing apples in salt here. I also froze some in an ascorbic acid solution just in case. But both came out well. I did make a great pie from a salted bag.

Make a Pie: Why not make a quick pie with your apples? I used a mixture of apples and a store bought crust. The pie was easy to make and delicious! Need a recipe?

Make Pastries: I also made some yummy quick pastries with the apples. Make this dish easy on yourself and pick up some premade puffed pastry. I was able to find some soy-free puff pastry. It’s pricey but nice for a treat once in a while.

Dry Them: If you have a dehydrator drying apple slices is a wonderful way to preserve excess of the the fruit. I use dried apples in my oatmeal and for regular snacking.

Eat Them!: My family goes through a lot of apples in a week.  And if they’re more than $1 a pound that can really add up. It’s nice to have endless fresh apples on hand to at least appease them for a while. Let’s hope it lasts!

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