C is for a Clean Home

C is for a Clean and Organized Home

We just got back from a lovely vacation at the beach. It was a pure blessing to be able to go. And the memories of the beautiful scenery and peaceful times are still with us…

Good thing because in searching for a home to buy our current place has become a mess of packing boxes and frustrated disorganization.

Normally I wouldn’t want to come back from vacation and clean house but the home where we stayed while on vacation was so well appointed, tidy and put together it made me long to have that even in the state of upheaval.

Things are so much easier when you have clear spaces (countertops, tables, etc.) and the things you need to get jobs done are right at your fingertips.

The beach home where we stayed is owned by a few families who pull together to make things work for each party staying at the home. Labels are everywhere and necessities are there just in case. All very organized and designed to make the next person’s stay as lovely as the previous person.

So I came home to my mess and it wasn’t just me. My husband had an itch to put things right too. This is what we did as probably the end of our Spring Cleaning.

C is for a Clean Home

Garage: This was the main thing to tackle and my husband was in charge of this. Since as we slowly pack things we aren’t using right now the boxes get put in the garage. This meant the center of our garage was a mess. And there was also some stuff we’ve been meaning to give away in there. Here’s what he did…

  • Pulled all the stuff in the middle of the garage into the house (yeah, yeah, I know).
  • Go through it all and pile the give away at the door.
  • Organize what’s left.
  • Rearrange the garage and put the organized stuff in it’s place.

There was also a pile of gardening stuff that needed going through and some old software I was donating to Goodwill. He made a good dent and straightened things up quite a bit.

Home Office: This is where I was working. It’s the most packed room in the house but since it also gets used the most, after the kitchen, it’s the messiest. This was just a matter of stacking boxes that I “may” need to get into before we finally find a house and move and dealing with paperwork. Here’s what I did…

  • Clear the front of the books shelves where I had been keeping boxes already packed (in case I needed something in them). They’re still in the office (6 boxes) but piled in a corner to keep them from being tripped over.
  • Clear off the desk tossing and recycling as I went.

Bathrooms, Laundry Room: Just straightening up. These rooms have been decluttered but when you take off for a trip sometimes you leave things a bit of a mess. Besides I had tons of laundry to do once we got home.

  • Clear off bathroom counters and touch up sink, toilets, tub/shower.
  • Remove recyclable bottles and boxes from laundry room.
  • Wash a never ending pile of laundry

Sweet Peanut’s Room: Sweet Peanut had a broken book shelf in her room so she had been piling things neatly on the floor. Even though it was neat it still wasn’t the place to store things. It made her room very cluttered and a tripping hazard. Here’s what we did.

  • Remove clothes she had grown out of.
  • Fixed Bookshelf.
  • Helped her organize her things on the shelves.

Odd Jobs : We had a few things to work on in the home too…

  • Fix a bookshelf
  • Cover the place where the bird (yes we had a bird in our kitchen vent) got in our home with mesh.
  • Fix two leaks in bathroom and kitchen (plumber coming).

Left To – Do: There is still much to do…

  • Clean off back deck.
  • Go through each shelf in the garage.
  • Clean out kitchen and eat through pantry.

Phew! It was a lot but it’s nice to have done so much.


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