Creative Covers for Your Homemaking Binder

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PIC_3496I love a beautiful homekeeping binder cover. It says something about the homemaker. Whether you put it together yourself or purchase on ready made it says you care to make your house a home.

The quickest way to make a cover for your binder is to print off a cover and slip it in a clear view binder. With this method you can usually use what you already have at home as many people have a clear view binder or two hanging around. Sometimes you can also pick up binders at second hand stores for pennies.

Another way to have a creative cover for your homemaking binder is to cover one with fabric. This is another way you can use what you have such as a spare binder and some fabric scraps big enough to cover the binder. You can also take this DIY method a bit further with your binder and cute embellishments to personalize and decorate your binder.

Here are some tutorials for covering your binder with fabric:

1. Fabric Covered Binder Tutorial
2. Alicia’s Little House
3. The Tyger Lily Binder Tutorial
4. Paperclips and Playpens Binder cover tutorial

My final tip for personalizing your homemaking binder is to purchase one ready made. There are two places you can find really creative lovely binders. This is a great choice for someone who doesn’t feel they are the creative or just doesn’t have the time to DIY.

At Zazzle you can find plenty of binders for all sorts of organizing. There are also options to personalize them so you can add things such as “The Smith Home Binder” or whatever you feel like adding.

Etsy is another place to find very creative binders. Some crafters will personalize them for you and many times your piece will be one of a kind.

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