Don’t Let Your Lack of Planning Rob You of Your Day – Morning Makeover

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Okay getting it ALL done may be a little bit over the top but knowing that you have accomplished what you can within your little bit of 24 hours is a good feeling. So start with making a plan.

One of our biggest time wasters is having no plan. Just going through the motions during your day with whatever pops into your head. Why does this waste time? You may forget something important. Or you may go to do something and then have to backtrack realizing you forgot to do whatever it was that was supposed to be done first. It’s like you are meandering. You know going in circles.

Here are four tips to help ,you manage your day

Write it Down

Put it to paper. Even if you never look at it having that piece of paper with your daily to-do’s on it is a good thing. It keeps you on track and with a road map to follow. Studies show that to-do lists work so put one to work for you.

Pool Your Errands

Also when you plan your day group like items together. For example running errands. Get your library run, grocery run, dry cleaning run, and other out and about errands all done at the same time. Don’t over do it though. You know what you can physically handle but we usually have more than one place we need to be during the week so putting it all in the same car trip only makes sense. In our small family we plan all our family dentist appointments on the same day (when we can) and group it with shopping trips to nearby stores or that we don’t get to on a regular basis (Ikea).


Plan Your Cooking 

Bulk baking or cooking is another item that can be done grouped together instead of spread throughout the day. Do you bake a lot of goods for your family? Pick a day when you bake all the items for the week. My day is Thursday or Saturday depending upon what else I have cooking.

Group Your Housekeeping Chores

Another thing I group together is my daily household tasks. In the am I wash the dishes, make the beds, throw in a load of laundry, tidy up around the rest of the house in about a 30 minute block. Since we’re home most days I’ll have a smaller cleanup in the evening but  just to tidy for the next day.


Tools to Help You Manage Your Time

So before you head off for bed tonight write up your plan for tomorrow. It does not have to be perfect or even complete. That will be in time. But for now start the habit.

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