Finding Time in Your Busy Mom Days to Work On Your Hobbies


When they are babies they seem to need you all the time. And then your energy is sapped by the time they sleep. This is the the time you could work on your hobbies but….

Then when they are toddlers they are into everything and you have to bolt the door to your crafting room. Lock the shed with your gardening tools. Put everything in the garage. And hence all items seem to gather dust and your interest may wan too.

Then they reach the preschool/kindergarten age. You think you may craft when they are at school but then maybe you hold down a job or homeschool so those hours aren’t necessarily free for diving into your craft hobbies.

So how do you find time to work on your crafts and hobbies projects while the children are young?

Oh mom you so need this! Time for you! Time to enjoy what you love. You may not have much time but it is important to take a little time for yourself and refresh your energies for your family.

God does not want you to overdo yourself. And He wants to give you times of refreshing.

Return unto thy rest, O my soul; for the LORD hath dealt bountifully with thee. ~Psalm 116:7

How can we capture nuggets of our day to refresh ourselves?

First of all get organized. Start keeping track of your projects. List them somewhere.

  • What you are making.
  • When you would like to be done with it.
  • What supplies are needed for the project?
  • And the steps to complete the project.

Next if complete fatigue is not an issue for you try scheduling AT LEAST 15 minutes a day or every other day to do a bit of your crafting hobby. Mine is sewing and even before our daughter came along I had precious little time to devote to it. I found that setting my timer (yes my timer) for 15 minutes and just focusing on part of my current sewing project allowed me to actually get some garments made. For sure it took longer than 3 days as long as I was patient with myself and took my time I had very good results which are still in my closet today.

This same 15 minute rule can apply while your children are small and at home. They take naps yes? If you would rather not use all of their nap time use just 15 minutes to get at your craft. Sewing, knitting, scrap booking or what have you.

Take your hobby on the road with you. Maybe there is something you can do while waiting for appointments or sitting in the car and someone else is driving. Not all hobbies or crafts will allow for this but maybe you can sew a seam, read about a new gardening method, plan your next layout, knit a few rows, crochet a bit and the like while waiting.

Finally instead of trying to find time away from your children when you craft or take part in your hobby see if you can’t include them in your hobby time. For those between the ages of birth and about 7 this may take some creativity.  And you might not get that much done but as your child grows they may develop a craft or hobby of their own. And who knows you may have inspired greatness!


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