Cleaning, Sorting, and Decluttering Your Kid’s Room Like a PRO!

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Slowly, ever so slowly, we are decluttering our home. This is a never ending process. Just when you finish it’s time to start again. We used Hefty Garbage bags to get the job done.

One of the mains rooms in the home that needs a nice good purge is my daughter’s bedroom.

It’s amazing how fast children grown and with that growth comes the need for new clothes and less interest in certain toys. So as things come in things must go out.

So we went at it like the pros (Who are the pros? I don’t know but we felt like we were on a mission.)

My daughter and I picked a rainy afternoon to go through the tough task of deciding what to get rid of and what to keep in her room using garbage bags.


I focused on her clothes and she tackled the toys.

We used Hefty Ultra Strong Kitchen Trash Bags in Lavender & Sweet Vanilla to complete the job.

Hefty Ultra Strong Kitchen Bags have a new lower price and with the strength of Jon Cena they help you get the job done. With the added bonus Arm & Hammer patented odor neutralizer I put one in the kitchen garbage too!

Getting the Job Done

Sorting the Clothes

  • First I took everything off of her shelves and out of drawers and laid the items on a prepared spot on the floor.
  • Then I organized the clothes by type. You know, pants here, shirts there, dresses over there.
  • Next I pulled out the summer stuff and made a new pile of those items.
  • We went through each pile and pulled out too small items and no good items. The stuff that still looked nice will get donated. The rest went into the rag bag.
  • Finally I hung up and put away the fall/winter clothing and stored the summer items that I pray she will still fit next year.



Meanwhile the Sweet Peanut spent agonizing moments over each and everyone of her treasures and toys. Why do kids save so much!?

Sorting Through the Toys

  • First we pulled everything off of the bookshelves and from under her bed and placed it in the middle of her bedroom.
  • We went through her toys and get rid of any that are broken or missing pieces. Those go in one of the Hefty Ultra Strong Kitchen Trash Bags marked “Trash”.
  • The rest of the toys get organized and put back on shelves on special bins she has in her room.

When we finished up everything I had 3 Hefty Bags full of items. One labeled “trash”, one that were clothes to donate, and a 3rd that were odds and ends hangers (not pictured). Do you every hold on to dry cleaner hangers? We do. So I bagged those up to donate also. I could probably use a few for crafts….hmmmm. Anyway I’m getting sidetracked.


Hefty made the job easier by being able to hold so much. I even stuffed my Hefty Ultra Strong Kitchen Trash Bags with the rest of the household trash since this was garbage day. They can hold and lot and did not break!




  1. Great tips and yes, we hold onto so much. It is agonizing for the girls to try to pass on beloved items even when they no longer use them much.

  2. You’re right about decluttering being a never-ending task! We have been plodding away at it for a couple years now. LOL Good idea to use the super strong trash bags to stuff everything into.

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