Getting it Together: Your Guide to Setting Up a Home Management System That Works

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GIT_300x250_Final Getting it Together is a primer for putting together a Home Management Binder.

A home management binder is the key to getting more done each day at home and out and about.

Our lives are busy and moms are expected to be like little libraries or encyclopedias. The family congregates around you to fill their needs. From food to clothing. This can overwhelm mom. You need a place where the family (and you) can turn to for the basic answers to questions.

That’s where a Home Management Binder comes in. It’s a household notebook where all the lists, tools, and resources need to run your home smoothy are found.

Get it Together will help you put together your own Home Management Binder.

Here’s what you’ll find in this ebook…

  • The top 5 reasons why you need a home management system.
  • A step-by-step tutorial on creating your own home management binder.
  • 30 printables that you can put to use immediately!
  • and more

Download immediately after payment and breathe a sigh of relief at your more organized home.

Get it Together!

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