Homemaking Tidbit: Back Porch Inspiration



In the interest of sharing the love AND working on this Curation Challenge I’ve started a teeny new series called Homemaking Tidbit.

Small snippets where I showcase some great home tidbit(s) I’ve found online for you. It’s usually where I’m at and something I’ve been looking at working on in my own home so I hope it will bless you if I find something that helped me.

You see I’m constantly searching for tips and ideas for my own home but I neglect to share. I’m sorry about that. Just busy or sidetracked I guess but I’m trying to change that.

This is the second tidbit I want to share with you (I won’t be keeping track like this in the future).

With summer here in full force we’ve been spending a lot of time beautifying or trying to beautify our out of doors. We spend a lot of time out there playing, growing, and hosting friends and family so why not making it lovely to look at?

I love looking at what others have done in their own yards.

Michele at Family, Faith, and Fridays gives us an updated look at her own yard and porch.  Accomplished with lots of hard work and help from the family.

I found her post inspiring and looking at her outdoor rug made me rethink my decision not to get one. I wanted one at first but we kept tracking so much dirt and mulch on our porch I figured it would look awful. Michele’s looks sturdier than what I’ve seen and I love the colors. So I’m off to find out where she got it…


~Happy Homemaking


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