How to Vacuum Your House – 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge

How to Vacuum Your House - 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge

Crystal over at MoneySavingMom is hosting a cleaning challenge this April. Get your home cleaned up. This is my favorite subject and I’m excited to get going. Here you’ll find out some things I do to get my home cleaned up after a wet and soggy winter. So let’s get started.

Today we’re back in Homeschool mode AND back at the 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge.

We had dinner guests this past weekend so you can imagine the home got a big touch up. I also noted several places around the house where I need to continue decluttering. I left off some time ago before I got sick and then my dear hubby got sick (he’s all better now) and I need to find my footing again.

In today’s challenge we are supposed to vacuum and sweep up the whole house.

Did you know there is kind of an art to vacuuming your carpets? Well there is. And there is a reason to this madness. Dirt is very damaging to your carpets so you want to be sure and remove it regularly. Having a weekly vacuum routine will keep you on top of this.

How to Vacuum Your Carpets

  • Vacuum Weekly
  • Use a HEPA Filtered Vacuum
  • Vacuum 6 times in the same spot on heavy traffic areas
  • Spot clean as you spot the spots (:) and don’t rub but blot them

On Friday I steam cleaned all the carpets downstairs and then, using the steps above we vacuumed them.

Last week some time I ordered the Trigger Memory System Zone Cleaning kit  for my daughter. When she first saw me looking at it she didn’t seem very interested but then kept asking me about it. Yes I ordered it without talking to her. I know her. Very well. It came this weekend and she couldn’t stop watching the cute little DVD telling her how to use it. She was all ready Monday to clean her room. She asked me to round up some baskets for her so she could use the cleaning method outlined for the bathroom.

I’ll have to do a review on this product soon as I REALLY like it so far and so does Sweet Peanut. BUT we have to work it for a week or so to really get a feel for it.

So today before school she got her baskets together and went to work. I left her to it and got some work done. It took her about 30 minutes and her room was lovely afterwards. It inspired her so after our school day, instead of going out to play, she cleaned the already clean living room and then wanted to clean her bathroom.

At the end she took her little vacuum and after doing her room vacuumed the downstairs for me. Here are her little feet getting the job done…

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