A Homemaker’s Morning Routine

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A Homemaker's Morning Routine

For the Homemaker the morning can be the most productive time of the day.

It all starts with making a plan for your mornings.

If you don’t have a morning routine in place you are selling yourself short. Women today have so much going on that morning routines are an absolute must for an organized day.

Morning routines are even more important when you add children into the equation. When you have to get the kids up and ready for school ALONG with getting yourself ready that can make for a frazzled morning, unless you add in a morning routine.

Here are some of the things you have to worry about in addition to getting yourself ready in the morning…

  • Waking the children up on time
  • Personal hygiene such as brushing teeth, washing hands and faces, and dressing hair
  • Getting together lunches for everyone
  • Double checking that homework from the previous night is completed
  • Getting the children dressed or double checking that they are dressed appropriately
  • Serving breakfast
  • Getting book bags, coats, shoes, etc. ready

After all of this you need to make sure that you are ready for your own day. Getting it all done and done right can be a challenge. So creating a morning routine for smoother days is one of the ways you can alleviate those chaotic mornings.

Let’s get started.

When you create a morning routine you actually want to start the night before. Getting enough things done before you go to bed so that your morning is much smoother and calmer.

Some things you can take care of the night before….

  • Laying out clothes for the next day
  • Preparing backpacks for the school day. Or if you homeschool preparing your lessons for the next day.
  • Planning breakfast and even going so far as to set the table for the morning.
  • Reviewing your To Do list for the next day.

Get up a little earlier….

If you have children you want to get up a little bit before they do. Often this can be the only time you have some “me” time during the day. It’s your time to reflect, organize, and sit back with a cup of tea. I have to be ubber quiet in the mornings because as soon as my young daughter hears me she’s up and wants a morning cuddle. Who can deny that?

Get everyone involved…

Don’t go it alone. Get your children involved in the morning tasks. Children can make their own beds and take care of their hygiene tasks. Maybe there are pets to feed or walk. Setting and clearing the table. Give each family member a chore to help with the morning tasks.

Leave the home tidy…

As much as you can tidy certain things in the morning so they don’t creep up on you later. In my morning routine I make the bed, tidy the bathroom, start a load of laundry and empty the dishwasher. These four things make such a difference for me. What makes a difference for you?

Have a good morning!

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