Daily To Do Lists for the Home

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daily to do listSome days are just overwhelming.  With so many pressures and responsibilities it’s easy to forget the regular daily to do on the plate.

I know that You need a Daily To Do List for the home. Take my word for it. In my book this is one of the best tools for getting organized at home.


A Daily To Do List for your home might look a bit different than a regular ol’ To Do List.

  1. First of all it’s designed to keep you on track for what is to be done that day in the home.
  2. Second it lists any appointments, special home projects, meal plans, and family items you may have going on.


A regular To Do list is all kinds of things not necessarily related to home that you need to get done. They might not be in any particular order but you will probably have them prioritized depending on what is most pressing on your agenda.


I like to categorize a Homemaking To Do List a little differently because it’s organized to keep you on track throughout the day as far as your home is concerned. Things are usually listed in a certain order to keep your home, the well oiled machine, working for you.


The Steps of a Daily To Do List for the Home

  • A great way to make a Homemaking To Do list is to set up a list of steps done in the morning to get the household up and prepared for the day.We call this a Morning Routine.
  • And also a list of things done in the evening before everyone retires to bed. We call this an Evening Routine.
  • It may also have a section that shows what’s for dinner so if there are any preparations to do in advance before you head out for the day you won’t forget.
  • It’s a good idea to spread household chores out through the week in Weekly Chores.  So your Homemaking To Do list can tell you what the chore is for that day.
  • Also don’t forget what should be attended to on a daily basis.


  • Today make a Daily To Do List for your home. Put on it the items you need to get done today.
  • Your plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Any household chores that should be done today.
  • Calls and appointments on schedule for today.
  • Bills needing to be paid and reminders for anything else to keep your home running smoothly.
  • As you go through your day cross off any items attended to.


Do this each day. After a few days you will know what new things you need to add to your list and what can be omitted.


At night, before you go to bed, prepare your list for the next day. Organize tomorrow tonight.


Simple Steps for a To Do List

  • Make or print out a Daily To Do List
  • Fill it out with only those things needing to be done today
  • Mark off items as you complete them
  • Take it one day at a time.
  • Be thankful for the things that you were able to complete today.


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