Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas Mom Will Thank you for

Mothers Day gift ideas she will love

Have you spent some time thinking about what you want to give Mom for Mother’s Day? I struggle with this dilemma every year. You want to give her something she can use but housekeeping tools are out. Something that will increase the clutter in her home may also not be a good idea. Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas that Mom will thank you for.

Most of these Mother’s Day gift ideas are perfect because they are creative, are something your mom will use, but don’t add a bunch of clutter to her home. These gifts give your mom the gift of time.

1. Surprise Housecleaning!

As a mom I would think this is the best gift ever! If my family offers to clean the house I would probably tell them they don’t have to blah blah blah. But if they do it in secret and surprise me that would be so exciting! I would be happy that that they noticed that it does take effort to clean the house, that they actually took time to do it, and they thought to bless me in this way (Family are you reading my blog?)

How to do this. Arrange a time when your mom is not at home but you happen to be, and do some cleaning. Depending on what needs to be done around the house (you’ll have to be observant!), you can catch up on laundry, vacuum, mop, change bedding, clean the bathroom (big , big!), and so forth.

If you can find a way to declutter an area even better. Pantry, garage, refrigerator, laundry room, etc.)

Note: Needs some tips on cleaning? Check out my 7 Days to a Cleaner Home series. If you don’t feel adept at this hire a cleaning service.

Mother's Day Gifts she will thank you for.

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2. BLock out some time for her to Tackle Unfinished Projects

How many projects does mom have that she just can’t find time to get to? I’ll start. I need to find time to …

  • Make a command center
  • Stain our pergolas so a friend can come and put them in place
  • Do some sewing
  • Would you believe create several projects for this blog?
  • My list goes on

Freeing up some time for Mom to finish projects that are hanging over her head can be a great gift. This is a conversation I have with a friend all the time. Just finish something! Print up a pretty calendar that showcases the time that has been freed for mom to get busy on her hobbies. And if she needs some supplies help her with that as well.

3. Do some of those Unfinished Projects for Her

Would mom appreciate it if you finished a project for her? Maybe she’s already shared all her plans with you and is not territorial about her projects. Hang those pictures, make that garden bed, clean and organize the garage. I would like that. 🙂

4. Surprise Dinner and Clean Up

Take some time and cook a special dinner for Mom, and make sure you take time for cleaning up, too. I know too often well meaning family can make dinner for mom but then leave all the dishes for her. Don’t do that. It’s incredibly insulting. Make a special dinner (I’m going to point you to Natasha’s Kitchen for some delicious recipes that never fail). Now mom can read a book or do something else pleasurable she rarely has time for. Even better? How about making this a weekly thing.

5. Leave Mom Alone

Non moms may wonder if this is a good thing. As a mom I will say this is one of the best gifts you can give her. A break from the rest of the family! It may be a bit of a sacrifice, but you’re giving Mom a gift that she will really appreciate (and that she would probably never actually ask for although I may have come close). So get everyone out of the house for a whole day and let Mom have the place to herself. She may sing, dance, play the piano for herself. Eat bonbons and read a juicy book. Things she never gets to do. Be extra nice and when you return that evening, bring take-out food with you for dinner.

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