Pet Messes – Cat Urine

You can’t avoid it. If you have cats that is. Lovable, sweet, always portrayed as the diligently clean animal who does nothing all day but sit on your lap and lick their paws.

But if you’ve spent any length of time living with cats you know the opposite is true. Cats  can be very social but when they want to they can seemingly disappear into the background only making themselves known by the odor emitting from their litter box or worse yet a corner of what was once your clean carpet. They’re so sneaky about it.
It happened to me. What was once a my good kitty always putting everything right into the litter box decided upon moving into a brand new home (and I mean new construction with new carpet and still the fresh paint aroma hanging in the air) that she needed to test out the front entrance for a litter box space.

I was appalled, frantic, disgusted, angry, you name it.

I have a sensitive nose and it hit me right away.

And then I went to work. My husband and I cleaned and vacuumed like crazy. We pour our best cleaners on and extracted them right up. I used all the carpet cleaning tricks I knew in the book and consulted my best cleaning books.


Two days later the odor returned. I was frustrated. Did she go again? I moved to the internet to search for “cat urine”.

I was mortified by what I found! Articles, message boards, review websites. You name it.

Cat urine can’t be removed. Once it’s in it’s there to stay.

Get used to the smell.

You’ll have to cut out your carpet and padding, sand the floor, paint it. Ya-da ya-da



Then there were the professionals.

Don’t use vinegar (we did).

Don’t use hot water (we did).

Don’t use your carpet steam vacuum. It will spread the urine (we did).

I prayed (I’m a praying woman).

There had to be a way
(I’m not kidding, true story)

I found the 123 Odor Free Kit

To me there seemed no easy way to order. I mean no fill-in form. I’m so used to ordering things online so filling out a form or even making a call seems like SO MUCH WORK! So I clicked away thinking I could find it elsewhere…


So I went back. I actually did not read the reviews this time but I went to the product description. I read through what the kit would do. The steps and what was happening to the “product” in my rug. I was impressed by what Bill (that’s his website) was saying. I read it to my husband. He was impressed too. So we decided Bill was a good salesman. And I wanted the kit. I WANTED THE KIT! I emailed Bill. He emailed back. I called Bill and we blabbed. He even tried to get me to thoroughly use other products I had purchased before deciding if I wanted the kit. Nope. I wanted the kit. He told me how and why it worked. Very detailed conversation. He also explained what exactly other products were and how they worked. I placed my order over the phone.

It arrived the next week. I didn’t use it right away. I read through everything and decided to use it that coming Thursday. We were having dinner guests on Sunday. I could still smell the cat urine in the warm afternoons.

Thursday while my daughter took her afternoon nap I donned gloves and went to work. Now mind you I did not have the UV light that Bill recommended so I just went with the nose. I had had enough. I spray, injected, stomped, sprayed again and laid the white cloths (I needed more than one) to rest. Then I went about my day.

That evening I asked my husband what he smelled when he walked through the door. He said “A pleasent scent. Did you spray something?” I told him I had used the kit.

That Sunday I was so nervous. I couldn’t smell anything but could my guests? My sister (part of the dinner part) said no.
It’s now two weeks later and I don’t smell the cat urine anymore. Halleluia!

I may be doing overkill but I plan on doing a complete reapplication in a few weeks.

Mind you I’m not knocking other products but within about a day of applying the other products, the smell would come back.

I think the key is that 123 Odor Free Kit removes the urine. Nothing else does that (that I have found). But I’m sold. Great gift for new pet owners.
Bill has wonderful customer service too.

I know this sounds like a complete add but I get absolutely nothing for this except a wonderful smell home. I’m a woman who had this horrible experience and Bill’s 123 Odor Free Kit came to the rescue. I told him I was going to write about my experience and so I hope he reads this and knows how grateful I am.


If you have a cat don’t mess around. You will spend 10X as much trying to find something that does what this complete kit does. I still can’t believe it. I keep waiting for the smell to come back and it hasn’t. By the way we had 90 degree days last week.


And if you still need to figure out why on earth your cat is going where they should not go try a cat behavior source (with a money back guarantee) like this one, Cat Secrets.

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