Motivated Moms Printable Chore Planner Review

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When Susan sent me a Motivated Moms printable Chore Planner to review I was going to pass on the opportunity.

My mother had just suffered a stroke and I was in and out of the house running to the hospital so many times I thought I just didn’t have time to deal with any homemaking chores.

But I was wrong. It was the perfect time.

I really love the Motivated Moms printable Chore Planner for a quick way to get your homemaking organized.

The Motivated Moms printable Chore Planner really helped me to be able to just start cleaning my home right where I was.

The Motivated Moms Printable Chore Planner is an updated daily list of your homemaking and personal details.

Now I’m a pretty organized person. I have things I do on certain days but then I’m also a stay at home mom so I have bigger chunks of time in my day when I can lump all my homemaking chores together. But with the Motivated Moms Chore planner your housekeeping chores ares spaced throughout the year.

Yes. That’s right. Throughout the whole year. A little bit of cleaning each day.

It’s a complete daily calendar for the year with almost everything you would do in your home to keep it neat, tidy, and company ready.

There are also meal planning details. Personal details such as exercise, taking vitamins and getting in some personal time.

I chose the page per day planner. I needed more space to add in any extra trips and phone calls I needed to make. To use my planner I printed off the current month and just started right where I was. Even though I normally clean a full room at a time I just didn’t have the time for that. With the Motivated Moms planner I could actually even skip the extra cleaning chores for the busiest days and just focus on the basics.

It came at just the right time.

Motivated Moms is a digital ebook you download and then print off to really help you get organized in the whole housekeeping arena.

  • Motivated Moms ebook covers the entire year.
  • You have a daily housekeeping list for each day of the year.
  • Or a weekly housekeeping list for each week of the year.
  • There is a Bible Version to keep you on track with your scripture reading.

These chore lists are detailed and perfect for those who forget easily. Dated for the full year you will know when it’s time to change out your kitchen linens, when to clean what in the bathroom, coupon cutting time, plan for upcoming holidays, craft time and much more.

But not too much more. Just enough to keep your home in a clean tidy state without overwhelming you.

You have quite a few options with Motivated Moms

  1. The Planner with a page per week.
  2. The Planner with a page per week AND Bible Reading.
  3. The Planner with a page per day.
  4. The Planner with a page per day  AND Bible Reading.
  5. The Planner, Half Size, with a page per week. This is if you use a smaller sized binder.
  6. The Planner, Half Size, with a page per week AND Bible Reading.
  7. The Planner with a page per day Half Size.
  8. The Planner with a page per day,Half Size, AND Bible Reading (my preference).

Very low cost for staying on track for the whole year.Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 9.01.12 AM

With each of these planners there is a sample so that you can test drive this simple but effective chore planner.motivated moms app





Now just in case you are more digitally minded.

There is there is also a Motivated Moms iPad App

an app for Android or Kindle users.

Buy Now!



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