Simplifying, Routines, Getting Organized, and Decluttering

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Simplifying-Routines-Getting Organized-and Decluttering

Don’t you like my one name says it all title for this blog post? That’s truly what has been happening around my home and in life.

Little by little, step by step I’ve been taking care of things.

It’s not all at once and it’s not happening quickly by any means but I’m making headway.

Let’s talk Simplifying

You know sometimes God just lets you know it’s time to let something go and that it’s time is done? He’s been doing that in my home business. Letting me know it’s time to Simplify and cut back.

I had a few other websites that I just couldn’t find time to devote too. And some extra projects that weren’t getting done. It was just time to move on.

My top priorities are serving God and caring for my family. The other stuff is just icing and maybe I was laying that butter cream on too thick you know what I mean?

Where Are My Routines?

When my daughter was born and on into the early years of her teeny life I was all about routines. I had a bedtime routine, morning routine, playtime routine, naptime routine, dinner time routine, Saturday routine, Sunday routine….and on and on. You name it I had a routine for it and it worked really well. I got a lot done and she knew what was coming next. She was a happy baby (still a happy girl) and I had all my ducks in a row.

Fast forward about 7 or 8 years and my routines are out the window! Oh goodness! My daughter is constantly reminding me, “Mom isn’t this the day you do…?” or “You didn’t blah, blah, blah this week.” My home chores are backing up. My email is overflowing. The laundry is piling up, etc. I could write a song about this.

Routines were how I got things done and when I let them lapse it’s evident in all that’s not getting done.

Time to Get Organized

I kind of like to think of myself as organized but I’m certainly  was not practicing any Habits of Organized people lately. I wasn’t writing things down. I don’t have everything in it’s place. I wasn’t decluttering regularly. And the routines come in on this one. I wasn’t using those anymore either.

Making a List

This is where I like to start. When I make a list of all I need to do I have a blue print to go off of. My To Do list is like a light at the end of a tunnel. I know when I have one then I’m starting out on the right path to right the great wrong of procrastination.


An organized space is so nice! It’s like taking a breath of fresh air. You can see! You can find things!

My home is/was badly in need of a good deluttering. You just know when your home just needs some love. Inside and out thing needed to have been gone through in a hurry. Our pantry, home office, guest bedroom, and garage have become dumping grounds. Not pretty and it’s making me sad.

Getting it done!

All of the above items go together and when I start addressing one the other ones seems to come along to join the fun.

Starting off with my home business I finally let a couple of websites go (waaahhhhh).It had been a long time coming and I had just been hesitating. Not anymore. More fine tuning will come as I pinpoint time, energy, and resource wasters.

If you’re a regular subscriber you’ve seen my post on organizing my pantry. This one had been nagging at me for some time and I finally got in and did it. It was contagious! I also went and cleaned and decluttered my daughter’s bathroom. That was so cathartic! There were so many empty bottles of hair shampoo and conditioner in there it was awful! It’s now a nice tidy space and next for this room are a few girly touches on the wall.

That was addicting too! I have plans to rearrange the school room next but not until we’re done with school. In the meantime I’m turning my attentions to our out of doors. Our back porch has been so overrun with gardening supplies and yard tools one can break their neck just trying to step outside for a breath of fresh air. Well we’re slowly getting that taken care of and have finally invested in a backyard shed to hold it all (yippeee).

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