Finding More Time in Your Day

Find more time in your busy days with these tips.

Let’s see if we can’t claim more time so we can be more in control of our day.

  1. Get a up a little earlier. Ooooh this one is hard but it does work. Start with 15 minutes or half an hour. And please have a plan for how you will use those extra hours. Have you been having a hard time making breakfast? Use the time to get a handle on breakfast. Take a 15 minute mile walk (use a video or get out in the air). Read your Bible. Make use of that time. You may need to go to bed earlier. Want to really know how to maximize those morning hours? Sign up for Money Saving Moms’s Make Over Your Mornings eCourse. 14 Days of simple actions to help you get the most out of your mornings and have a smoother day.
  2. If you find yourself with tons of big projects on your list not getting done, whittle them down and do a little bit each day until they are done. You can get a lot done in 15 minutes even. Currently my husband is reorganizing the garage in 15 minute increments after dinner each night. He sets his time and digs in while my daughter pogo jumps to keep him company. It’s been a couple of months but he’s at the end now and it looks good.
  3. Keep a list of your to-do’s.  Don’t overwhelm yourself but keep yourself on task with this list. At the end of the day you may be surprised at how much you have accomplished. Print off our simple Daily To Do List to get yourself started.
  4. Give yourself a deadline and a timeline for working through your tasks.If you tend to procrastinate this will keep you accountable for getting things done. I keep a calendar on my desk where I write down my projects and when they’re due.

Before you know it you’ll have more time in your day.

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