Support for the Homemaker

Sometimes I think my goal in life is to support. Support my husband, my mother, my child, and all those who come across my path that I am able to support.

I feel the need to help where I can. I’m wired that way. Do what I can for my fellow friend or family member (not necessarily in that order).

I think that God gave me that nurturing spirit. And I think to go with it is what works best for me or at least when I am at my best.

Maybe I should set up my desk with a sign saying  “How Can I Help You?” It makes me laugh but it’s true.

It’s why I started this blog/website over 10 years ago. To help. To help my fellow homemaker. I didn’t really know any in person because it wasn’t really popular when I started. Far fewer women looked to the cares of home.

I felt there must be women out there that wanted to take better care of their homes and families. SO Homemaking Organized was born.

  • Cleaning Your Home
  • Caring for Your Little Ones
  • Organizing Yourself so You can better Organize Your Home and life.
  • Support was the driving force behind this blog/website.
  • Support for the homemaker

I found out I was right and have continued to try to offer tips, advice, and support for the homemaker through the years. I’ve also added homeschooling to the mix. I support better when I too can relate to the issue you see.

Back then Homemaking Organized was also a support for me. I was grieving for a loss and my outlet was to help someone. I couldn’t face people in person yet so I faced them online. Behind my words, tips, and printables. It was a ministry for me and a support for me also.

Support doesn’t mean I have all the answers.  Maybe I can offer an answer. Maybe I can relate. Maybe I can just point you in the right direction. And maybe I just need to feel helpful.

Need more support? 

In 2 weeks the Homemaking Ministries 2017 Homemaking Conference will be happening. It is designed to do just that. Support the Homemaker. And it takes place entirely online.

Bringing together favorite homemakers to discuss the issues of a Christian Home it’s always a big hit. Will you be there? Do you need that support?

You can find out more here and register.

Last year’s conference was very inspiring for not only me but also for my daughter. She found as much to enjoy as I did. This years’ promises to be even more. But hurry. Registration ends in two weeks (Sept. 30).

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  1. I love that you took a leap of faith on this many years ago to start a website to support homemakers. All too often, we feel alone and drowning in keeping it all together. Having someone to relate to, who understands, is such a blessing. I can’t wait to look further into your content!

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