BJU PRESS K5 Homeschool Kindergarten Online Program Review

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My daughter is a visual and auditory learner. That came to light early on in her life after I noticed her recall with some children’s videos we had watched only once. That brought us to where we are now.

I was a new homeschooler and nervous about it all. What if I missed something? What all does my daughter need to learn?

Those questions gave me hives. So I figured an all in one boxed curriculum was perfect for a nervous mama like me. My research and observations brought us to BJU Press Homeschool

After a year using BJU Press Homeschool Online Kindergarten K4 Foundations (long name, I know) we were ready to graduate to the next grade and purchased BJU’s Homeschool Video Kindergarten program called K5 Beginnings.

Please note K5 or Kindergarten 5 3rd Edition has been updated and is now called Focus on Fives.

We had so much fun that first year of homeschooling that we were really excited to do more school!

BJU Press Homeschool is a Christian company that also publishes books and films. We’ve been using their homeschool products for several years and I’m going through giving you a peak into how each year went for us. If you want to read about our K4 (aka preschool) experience you can read that blog post here.

BJU PRess HOmeschool Kindergarten 5 Update Details

Like K4, K5 was a package deal that came with all the tools needed to teach Kindergarten. (the new update lets you buy thing separately). This included Phonics, Reading, Heritage Studies (Social Studies) and Math. Bible is an add on. The videos have been updated since we used them but they look just as good as 10 years ago.

The fundamental basics of K5 are the same but there are a few updates you might want to be aware of…

  • Video lessons are a little shorter and have gone from 60 minutes to 45. (Math is an additional 25 minutes).
  • The artwork for all of the characters has been updated and is a little more modern.More modern clothing and hairdos. These characters really help with the learning to read process.
  • And finally there are less extra activities. Now I don’t know what activities they cut out but yes there were a ton of things to prep for the next day. With only one child I hung in there and did them but it might have been a little much. I do remember whining about it. So this is a good thing.

K5 Details

The BJU Press Homeschool online K5 comes with all the supplies and lessons you need for a successful Homeschool Kindergarten experience.

In addition to the super fun and colorful video lessons(160 video lessons and 20 non-video lesson days) you get…

  • Focus on Fives
    • Worktext
    • Phonics Cards
    • Phonics Practice Booklet
    • Reading books (yaayy! These are so cute! They start the process of reading with simple stories that gradually add new words your child is learning. Parent partner reading.)
  • Math K5
    • Unifix cubes
    • Book of punch out manipulatives along with needed mats
    • Math Worktext
  • The distance learning videos
  • There is also Spelling, Handwriting, and Bible Courses you can add on for a full school curriculum.

K5 comes in three versions. DVD with physical DVDs that are mailed to you and leased for 13 months, Online where you log into the BJU Press Homeschool website and log in to go the lessons, or parent led with Teacher’s manuals. Please keep in mind that we used this video based homeschool program almost 10 years ago. There has been an update since then, most notably a new instructor. Back in the day we had Mrs. Franklin and the new teacher for Focus on Fives is Mrs. Rulapaugh. While we loved Mrs. Franklin Mrs. Mrs. Rulapaugh looks just as fun. You can see a full sample episode on the page.

Aside from the worktext for K5 Beginnings, there are a number of items that are designed to be used together in the program, including the 2-volume teacher edition, the teacher edition for the reading books, the reading books, the phonics practice book, the phonics stories, and the writing book, as well as any visual charts and cards that are supplemental to the program.

The Educational Content

K5 Beginnings begins your child’s reading journey using BJU’s unique phonics program using characters and personalities to help with remembering the rules.

Daily lessons include Heritage Studies (aka Social Studies), or Science, Language Arts, and Reading.

Your child will also begin to learn writing with a simplistic style that eventually turns into cursive.

The classes are colorful and fun. Each week there is a new theme to get excited about.

Back when we did K5 there were tons of extra activities, recipes, and crafts. That has been cut down a bit in the new K5.

In K5 Math young students will begin learning math problem solving skills, more about numbers, and other math skills with games, and colorful manipulatives.

As an added plus young children will also start learning a printing style that will evolve into cursive.

Will BJU Press Online Homeschool Kindergarten Work for You

I get a lot of people who ask me about how did BJU Press work for our family and would it work for theirs. Only you can make that decision but I can at least tell you about details of the curriculum that can help you make that decision.

  • Biblical Worldview Christian Curriculum
  • Not plug and go. There are prep details for each day’s class.
  • You have the option of video or parent led
  • Customizable if you read the Teacher’s Manual
Our review of the BJU Press Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

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