BJU Press Homeschool Online K4 Foundations Review

When our daughter was four years old we started looking at homeschool curriculum. I had already been organizing her days and doing a little craft and singing time with her, that she loved.

But she was anxious to learn to read so we started looking into using BJU Press Homeschool Online Video Course K4 Foundations.

K4 Foundations Online Homeschool program from BJU Press

Homeschooling runs in our family and when our daughter was 4 she expressed some interesting in “doing school” like her cousins.

At the time my nephew was using BJU Press for his high school years and was enjoying it so much. He told us about the skits and the different personalities of his online teachers. He shared some of the interesting things he was learning. And also about the books and videos also published by BJU Press.

BJU Press is a Christian company that produces Christian worldview educational material. In addition to the textbooks and distance learning curriculum BJU Press also produces books, movies, Bible Studies, and several other products.

We were really intrigued and impressed so I ordered a sample DVD to check out.

When the DVD came we watched it, and watched it, and watched it. Our daughter was in love! She couldn’t get enough of the sample lesson for Kindergarten 4 and because the DVD we had went up to 6th grade she watched the lessons for ALL the subjects up to 6th grade.

So we prayed, talked it over, asked our daughter, and decided it was worth the small investment to see how BJU Press Homeschool Online Video Courses worked for us.

Note that before looking into what kind of homeschooling products to use I had done a bit of reading and research and figured our daughter was a visual and audial learner and that the colorful videos were just right for her. (I also stumbled upon this realization just by observing her but that’s for another post).

I’ll admit I was a nervous beginning homeschooler. I didn’t want to miss anything so I felt a packaged full curriculum was best for us.

What you Get in K4 Foundations (video version)

When you order the kit BJU Press Homeschool Video Course K4 Foundations you get …

  • Student Handouts
  • Activity Packet
  • Online access to the Videos or clamshells with the pack of DVDs. Whichever you ordered.

To prepare for each school day there is a short video called “Moms Minutes” which tells you all the things you need to know and prepare for the next lesson. Very helpful.

K4 Foundations is a nicely timed production. Each daily lesson is about an hour not including the time to complete projects or worksheets.

There are 180 lessons (152 of those are video days). When you purchase the DVD or Online Access you will have 13 months access to them (the printed materials are yours to keep).

Your child will start each day with Miss Liston in learning numbers and learning colors. And then land is Mrs. Lawson’s storytelling center where they will listen to a cute story and do things like singing the alphabet and start learning about the different letters.

Using the Video Lessons

Your child’s teachers are naturals in front of the camera. The lessons are filmed with the homeschooling child in mind and the teachers are speaking to your child instead of filming a classroom. And your child’s teachers share a tiny bit from their lives so you can get to know them a little bit better. As a result of Mrs. Lawson sharing so much about her dog Maggie we had to go out and get a stuffed look alike that came to every lesson.

Since our daughter was four years old the first product we started with from BJU Press was K4 Foundations. This program is like Preschool and a nice introduction to BJU Press and a nice introduction to homeschooling

Let me just say it was an awesome year!

Our daughter loved every class with Miss Liston and Mrs. Lawson. These two women captured my daughter’s heart and she was hooked!

Being a new homeschool mom when I saw the scope and sequence of what our daughter would be learning that year I didn’t believe it could be done! It looked like way too much. And I could not fathom how her little brain would grasp all of it.

But learn she did and she had incredible fun at it.

We purchased the K4 mascot Chester and a little DVD story about him as well.

We also supplemented our homeschool year with field trips and extra crafts (you can never have too many crafts).

Homeschool Snack

We learned to make play clay, a new alphabet song, all about colors and so much more (I sound like a commercial but it’s all true). And since BJU Press Homeschool is a Christian company there is scripture in every lesson which I appreciated.

Here we are with homemade play clay

Back then we ordered the DVD version (which is still available) but these days the online lessons are a better option for us. If your internet connection is spotty though DVDs are the better option.

It was a pretty fun year and we really enjoyed K4 Foundations. There was some prep that I would do the night before but for K4 it’s not that bad. And if you have a Cricut it’s even better.

It’s been a few years since we had those fun K4 Foundations lessons but we still refer to them and remember them fondly.

Did I mention K4 Foundations from BJU Press is a Christian product? They use the KJV version of the Bible and scripture is referenced in pretty much every lesson (I didn’t count so I just want to say pretty much in case they didn’t in a lesson or two).

Will this Homeschool Product Work for You?

BJU Press Homeschool Video Course K4 Foundations is great for homeschool families who are ready to start their young children in homeschooling with a Christian Bible based product. It’s fun and colorful and engaging. And yes your child will learn a lot while having fun.

While I completely did all the video lessons with our daughter for parents wanting less video time you might consider the BJU Press program Footsteps for Fours (check out the banner below). This parent-led homeschool course is just as fun.

This was the very beginning of our homeschooling journey with BJU Press Homeschool. Stay tuned to see how each homeschool year has worked for us.

A head start for school at home with BJU Press Homeschool K4 Foundations

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