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In this year’s blog hop we’re back to high school homeschool. My daughter is entering the 10th grade this Fall. Our studies begin with our core curriculum and we also add in some electives such as music and Foreign Language to round things out.

Back to Homeschool Traditions

In all the years that we’ve been homeschooling we have had great little traditions to commemorate that first day of Homeschool.

  • Gather ‘Round: The first day of homeschool is a family affair. My husband takes the day off of work and grandma also makes a point to join in. She is a retired teacher and likes to keep her skills sharp.
  • Big Breakfast: What first day of school doesn’t start with a lovely breakfast? It can change through the years. My daughter is keen on breads while my husband likes a pile of protein. I just want to make sure neither fall into a deep sleep afterwards
  • Start off Fresh: Although we have taken swimming and gymnastics classes to start the day of right, at least at the beginning, we like to take a neighborhood walk before starting our day. The days have cooled down and we breath the fresh air while getting ready to dive into the books.

So then starts our homeschool year.

New High School Traditions

This year things are a bit different.

While we’re still figuring out what our school year will look like I imagine our main three traditions will stay the same. She loves the excitement we show about her school year and we all need a big day to start off right.

My daughter has already been doing High School Biology since early summer but we’ll just pretend for that one.

So there you have it. Nothing big but important in our family. What do you do for the first day of school?

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