Wulf the Saxon an Heirloom Audio Adventure Based on G. A. Henty Books {Homeschool Review}

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We got a chance to check out another great Audio Adventure from Heirloom Audio Productions recently called Wulf the Saxon based on a G. A. Henty Adventure

“Fortunate are the Few Who Marry for Love.”

Audio Adventures are great for kids to learn on the go. During car rides, or just sitting around with a bowl of popcorn at home. In fact, they are great for the whole family.

The Story of Wulf the Saxon was originally written by G.A. Henty, a 19th Century English author. It tells the story of the Norman Conquest of England through the tale of the fictional character named Wulf.

If you know precious little about the Norman Conquest then join the club.  And then be prepared to be inspired to find out more! I sure did!

We received 2 CD’s in a glossy cardboard sleeve. It included a little insert with the covers of the other Audio Adventures, a link to the Live the Adventure Letter, which is the newsletter for Heirloom Audio, and a letter from Bill Heid Executive Producer.

The Story of Wulf the Saxon

The time period is the 11th Century.  The place is Britain. And King Edward is on the throne. Wulf is a 16 year old page and Saxon (Germans living in Britain) working for an Earl named Harold. As the story opens Wulf is punished for being a little bit hot headed to another page and is sent back to his lands (he is a Thane aka landowner) where he grows into a man and also grows in wisdom.

Beckoned back to Harold’s side after some time away Harold, Wulf & Co. travel for sport and Wulf makes a new friend. Encountering a storm near Normandy (France) they are kidnapped by the Normans and then the real adventure begins.

Wulf proves himself as a courageous, honorable, and a good leader as he continues to support and serve Earl Harold and then King Harold.

Earl Harold is an important figure in England’s history that makes great sacrifices for both king and country.

Okay but all this is based on a tapestry which there is some question as to the validity of. Did I mention that? It’s all in the audio (wink, wink).

My Review on Wulf the Saxon

I’ve come to love these audio adventures by Heirloom Audio more and more as my daughter grows.

A few years ago the level of violence in these adventures was too much for my daughter. Hmmm. That makes me pause and think why is this violence okay with her now? I digress. If you’re concerned there are several battles. A character (or two) loses an arm. There is a kidnapping and an assassination attempt. Talk of women being sent into battle. A quick mention of a killing and a beheading (eep!). More battles and a few deaths. But hey no visuals!

The religion practiced during the Medieval ages was Christianity that included monks and relics. The characters rely on God and prayer.

There’s a teeny bit of romance thrown in between Wulf and Lady Agnes (who is Norman) for good measure.  Quite clean. No worries there. And if you wonder about the quote I’ve typed above it relates to the different fates of Earl Harold and Wulf the Saxon. (sad face here).

There is a narrator throughout the adventure who may sound familiar and he interjects bits of facts and information throughout the drama that helps you keep up with what is going on. I specifically appreciate the nobility information so that we at least know what a Thane is (that’s a new one for me) and can put the other members in their rightful positions.

My Recommendation

If your student is studying (or going to study) Ancient European history I highly recommend supplementing with this great product. It provides an exciting twist on things. Do be sure they can separate fact from fiction though.

Heirloom Audio Adventures are recommended for ages 6 to adult. Fun for everyone!

I love how Heirloom Audio makes history lessons come alive with their audio adventures. I have to admit to knowing precious little about the Norman Conquest before listening to Wulf the Saxon. But now after that exciting, riveting tale, I’ve gone on to read and find out more. Including picking my daughter’s brain

While Wulf the Saxon is a fictional character the adventures surrounding him are not (although some things are debated).

Another part of the Heirloom Audio family is the great Live the Adventure Club! As a member of this service (a separate purchase) you will access to so much more including a downloadable version of your Audio Adventure purchase, and bonus content for each audio you purchase (Wulf the Saxon bonus content is not available yet as of this posting). There is so much available on the Live the Adventure Club site I don’t even know where to begin.

In the Live the Adventure Club you’ll find a superb supplement for history lessons. What kind of history? American History, World History, vintage history curriculum books (oooh), Old Time Radio audios, activities related to the audio adventures, and a forum where you can connect. I also appreciate the movie reviews that have been arriving in my inbox. A complete breakdown of the latest (PG or PG-13) movies and why or why not to see them with your kids.

I hope this review will help you decide if this great product is right for your family.

Wolf the Saxon the Norman Conquest CD Audio

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