5 Days of Teaching Creatively – Our Green Checkerboard

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When you homeschool you quickly find out pretty quickly that games of all sorts are a good way to get learning in under the guise of fun.

Our curriculum (Bob Jones DVD) uses lots of games for extra learning fun. We have homemade game boards all through the house for practicing everything from Math Facts to Spelling Words.

But it was a non-school related game that caught Peanut’s attention. A year ago my mother taught her how to play checkers and now they sit down each week for a weekly checker’s game.

A few weeks ago my husband and the Sweet Peanut stayed home to rest while I went out. When I came home my husband opened the door with this perplexed look on his face. He exclaimed,”I had no idea!” You see he and Peanut had decided to play a game of checkers and he was being thoroughly  beaten. My mother had been telling him that the Peanut was a force to be reckoned with when it came to checkers and he dismissed it thinking, “How well can a seven year old play?”. Well his next words were ,”I had to up my game!”

I have yet to play her but I love watching her play. It’s her game of choice. She even went on to make a green checkerboard from some water bottle tops and a cereal box. Have a looksee…




The checkerboard itself is made from two pieces of cardboard taped together well. Then using a ruler the boxes were drawn out and she colored them in.

The checkers were made from the tops of big water bottles. They have cut out pieces of construction paper on them. Underneath they have the same paper cut into the shapes of crowns for when your piece turns into a king.

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