My Soy-Free Menu Plan for the Week Starting April 14, 2014


Happy Monday people. It’s Sunday evening as I type this up and I’m going over the family favorites and new things I want to inject into this week’s menu.

Last week we did a lot of cleaning out of the refrigerator. I actually had two meals that were scrapped for leftovers instead. That’s always a good thing and actually saves money. I have to stop cooking so much though.

Later this week I’ll be doing a review AND (drumroll) a giveaway for eMeals menu planning service. If you’ve been looking around for a good Menu plan service that can meet your family’s changing tastes you’ll want to stick around for that so stay tuned

This week’s menu is mostly from my eMeals menus. On Tuesday I’ll need to be pulling out my soy-free soy sauce for delicious Turkey Burgers but this time that is exactly what is called for in the recipe!…

Monday: Brined Turkey with Jade Pearl Rice

Tuesday: Asian Turkey Burgers (eMeals)

Wednesday: Salmon with Cucumber- Dill Raita (eMeals)

Thursday: Gingered Shiitake Beef Roast (eMeals)

Friday: Shredded Beef Tacos (eMeals)


That’s it for me. What’s on your menu?

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