Round Up List of Printed Planners to Help you Reach Your Goals

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If you want to get organized and keep on top of things my suggestion is to get your hands on a planner and USE IT!

List of printed planners to help you reach your goals.

A planner is a booklet that usually contains a calendar and pages for keeping track of appointments and important dates. It may also contain to do lists, menus for the household, and details related to family members and home. Planners can come in a digital or printed form. This post is about the printed version.

Printed planners make a good option if you don’t have a printer at home or just don’t like printing or using your ink up. They can come with a lot of different addons and are usually consumable for one year. You can also purchase blank planners where you add in the year and dates as you see fit.

This post is a round of up a few of the printed planners out there.

Printed Planners to help you reach your goals.

Get it Together People Daily Planner

Topping off my list is the new Get it Together People Daily Planner from Living on a Dime.

  • It comes in two sizes. 8 1.2 X 11 and * x 5.5 inch size.
  • It’s hard bound
  • Includes Year at a Glance
  • Cleaning list page that includes Weekly and Monthly Cleaning. You add the chores to your Daily Pages and keep track on the main page. (oooh)
  • Menu Plan page where you can keep track of favorites
  • Budget Page where you track each month
  • Debt pay off page
  • Month separated by tabbed pages
  • Daily To Do pages for each day of the year
  • Monthly Calendar pages
  • Notes for each month
  • Shopping Lists for each week
  • Pocket Folder on inside cover

You can tell this was the planner that someone has lovingly put together. I get that. This is what Tamara needed and chances are if it speaks to you you need it as well. Beautifully done! Get it Together People Daily Planner

Living Well Planner

For the serious entrepreneur the Living Well Planneris just the ticket. Designed by a blogging mom who turned her blog into a million dollar business along with being cute this planner has lots of features to hep you reach your business goals.

  • Undated Weekly Calendar starting on Monday
  • Goals sheets for the month
  • Planning sheets for the month
  • Stickers
  • 230 pages
  • 2 color options
Living Well Planner

Homemaker’s Daily Planner

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This planner was created by Sue, a mother of six. She designed the planner to fit her own life where she needed versatility and organization. Her 2020 Daily Planner she made a flexible planner to fit all the stages of her life.

  • Starting off this planner is the Weekly Planning layout.  You’ll find spaces to write your weekly task such as appointments, calls to make, and even daily.
  • There is a Monthly Calendar with places to jot upcoming events and appointments.
  • The Year Calendar section has a place to journal or write prayer requests, birthdays, and quotes.
  • The pages in Tasks List section are untitled. {This allows freedom to create monthly, bi-monthly or seasonal lists such as gardening and food preservation. You could title one page, Summer Projects. Then make a list of things you want to freeze or preserve}.
  • The Projects and Events section is for occasions that need more space for writing. {Such as planning a baby shower or a family gathering. The pages are untitled for flexibility}.
  • The Information section can be used for notes that you only need temporarily. Like an address or a phone number you won’t need to use more than a couple of times.
  • The perforated Shopping Lists can be used not only for groceries but also for keeping track of items you may need to pick up for an event or something.

A planner is a wonderful thing! If you are struggling with making your planner work for you be sure and check out our Change Your Life with a Planner Bundle.

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