Setting Up Routines for Back to School

  • Have a morning routine so that getting off to school can go as smoothly as possible. Getting up and dress, breakfast, and gathering supplies for the school day. Even a morning ‘talk’ or prayer to help them settle before heading out the door.
  • If your child will be taking lunch pack a special one with a note from mom to let them know you’re thinking of them. Include your child in the preparing of the lunch.
  • Have healthy after school snacks for them when they come home.
  • Plan a nice after school activity for your child. If your child is not involved in sports, an academic club or some such after school club plan something to do.  A library visit, a craft to make, a scheduled visit with friends or family, or even a trip to the animal shelter or pet store. You don’t necessarily have to go anywhere plan something at home that your child can look forward to.
  • Make time for homework. Make sure your child has a quiet well lit place to tend to their homework and set up a time each day to get it done.
  •  Make sure your child has a nice quiet evening routine to settle down for the night. This important to establish when a child is young but it’s never too late. Bathtime, reading, and a sweet hug from mommy and daddy to end the day.

Children thrive on routines so set up ones that work for your family.



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