Simple Low Cost Ways to Organize Your Homeschool Supplies

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So your curriculum is all set.  You and your child are excited about the upcoming homeschool year. You have the books, the supplies and you’re ready to go. But where do you put all of this homeschool stuff?

You might be browsing on the internet and in magazines where you see all manner or cute cubby’s and colorful knicknacks that you are sure will help you get organized.  Then finding yourself sighing because you don’t have the funds to put together those amazing customized rooms.  But don’t fear you can be organized without spending a mint.


1) Designate: First of all designate where you will store your homeschool books and supplies to be used for the coming year. Although it would be really nice to have one big room solely for homeschooling the reality is that many of us use areas such as the dining room, kitchen, or living room to homeschool and that isn’t necessarily where the supplies will be housed. A simple shelf of a bookcase or a low cost bookshelf will suffice. You may have one going unused in the garage or in a corner of a room somewhere. If a bookshelf is out of the question bins can also be used. These can be pulled out when school is in session and stored during off school hours.

2) File: Next you think of all the pamphlets and single papers you need a place for but can stand on their own like a book. A couple of cardboard magazine holders are perfect for these. You can pick them up for very low cost at stores like Ikea. Or you may have some laying around. Hole punching and putting in a binder is another a great idea.  Again you may have an extra one laying around.  We all usually do.

3) Label: Label your items. Not only does this make finding things efficient it looks great. If you have a label machine dandy. If not simple blank stickers (or address labels) and nice neat handwriting will suffice. Label the shelves (don’t stick permanent labels on your nice bookshelves. Be sure not to mar the surface of anything you are concerned about), label boxes, label files. A cheap way to laminate anything small is to use clear packing tape. Cover both sides and trim. You can make little labels this way.

4) Section: On your shelves or in your bins section your books and such by subject and then label the shelves so you can easily access stuff. Have a box or two for extra supplies and keep these labeled. Have a section that is just supplies. I keep three supply boxes (those elementary years). I use empty paper cases. One is for excess items such as glue, pens, pencils, crayons, tape and the like. The second is for craft supplies such as feathers, pompoms, google eyes, crepe paper, buttons, beads, and chenille wire.  And the third is for recyclable items and things that we already had around the house (and may need to glean from) such as egg cartons, coffee filters, paper bags, paper plates, empty paper towel rolls, and empty toilet paper rolls. Paint and play clay are regular play items so they stay on the play shelf for easy access.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas of ways to organize your homeschool supplies without running to the bank for a loan.



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