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preschool blocksAs your baby grows into an inquisitive toddler and preschooler you may find yourself thinking more and more about a home preschool curriculum or set of activities you can do at home to help encourage the precious learning you see happening before you.


Children under the age of 5 learn the basics of everyday life by playing and doing small chores alongside mom and dad. They are inquisitive, little balls of energy eager to learn all about this world they seem to have just woken up in! And preschoolers just love to learn.


So how can you take advantage of this early love of learning at home without overwhelming your child?

With the addition of a nice daily routine an at home preschool curriculum can begin to prepare your little one for the school days.


Along with the basics such as colors, shapes, numbers and at home preschool program can teach your child classroom readiness skills, about the world around them, and beginning math and reading skills. 


Remember this is not a time of cramming worksheets and homework into your child’s days. Most good home preschool programs will incorporate learning into fun activities that seem much more like play.


There are plenty of home preschool curriculums out there. You’ll need to answer some basic questions about you and your family life to find a good fit for you and your child.


  1. If you feel a little uncomfortable about putting together all the right materials never fear. Pick up a full curriculum that has all the basics right there for you.
  2. Do you want to be the teacher or would your rather work as a teacher’s assistant. If you want to be the teacher pick up a curriculum with the workbooks, and texts but you will be the one to facilitate. Would you rather sit back and assist? Yahoo! There are good preschool DVD programs with accredited teachers giving your child a taste of the classroom.
  3. Do you have more than one little one? Be sure to pick up enough materials for all the children.  Maybe you have a child daycare. Many of the programs can accommodate you with the items you need for your home daycare preschool.

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