A Frugal Thanksgiving Dinner

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For the main bird we had a couple of chickens instead. I think it was about 2 if I remember correctly. While per pound turkeys are relatively cheaper turkey’s weight a lot more and the price output would be more than we were able to take on. Chickens on the other hand we on sale and it was only a few dollars for two. When times are tight one bird can feed 5 people and then some. Brine your bird and you will have a succulent main course worthy of any meal.

For a starch we had mashed potatoes. Potatoes are very low cost and if you grew some still in the pantry even cheaper. You can sometimes buy a 10 pound page of potatoes for less than a dollar. You really can’t beat that. Mashed or roasted potatoes are a nice hearty addition to the thanksgiving meal.

For the vegetables we made a salad. A fresh salad with a head of lettuce, tomato and a cucumber. Add a simple vinaigrette for a tasty fresh salad.

Add another vegetable in the form of brussel sprouts, carrots, or green beans. If you really, really have to cut corners canned veggies are very cheap but if you can try for fresh.
Think outside the box when it comes to dessert. Is there another fruit that maybe you already have canned at home such as peaches? Or maybe the apples are cheaper to come by and you can make an apple pie. If pumpkin pie is cheaper to make (you know the canned items going on sale) then of course that’s great and sticking with tradition. Or maybe you have a lone cake mix sitting waiting for someone to make a cake. Decorate it for the festivities.

For decorating this is a time when you can use what you have around the house and it will be beautiful and lovely. Use your cloth tablecloth and napkins. It is much cheaper to wash these things up with the regular kitchen linens than attempt to purchase decorative paper items. Do you have some nice glasses put away? Bring them out now and celebrate being together.
Most people have baskets lying around the house. Clean one up and use it for a centerpiece. Add fresh pieces of fruit or some washed up dried pinecones from a nature walk.

If you’re wanting to have a larger get together ask each guest to bring a dish. You can provide the turkey (since you would be saving on all the other items), gravy and stuffing.
Thanksgiving doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s about being together.

~Happy Thanksgiving

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