10 Thanksgiving Prep Essentials


Well now that it’s November all thoughts turn to Thanksgiving and making the preparations.

We spend much of October mourning the true loss of summer. In our area the rain and cold weather REALLY hit right at the end of October. The change or turn happens.

And then BAM! We’re ready to start preparing for Thanksgiving. With it’s lush decor and thoughts of family gatherings it’s a lovely time to be thankful for what we have wherever we have it.

Here are 10 Thanksgiving Prep Essentials.

1 – Planning: Number one is the planning stage. All the rest will fall into place if your planning is set up at the beginning. Check out my page of 10 Thanksgiving Day Planners.

2 – Your Turkey: I love discussing the turkey with my husband each year. It’s where all other conversations about Thanksgiving flow around. Where is your turkey coming from this year? Are you going to go more organic? Changing brands? Do you need to start saving now for that free range gourmet bird (joke)? Maybe a guest doesn’t eat turkey and you want to supply and equally tasty option.

3 – Decor: Are you doing any special crafts for the table or your home? Get your patterns together now and line up your supplies. Don’t wait until the last minute. Check out pinterest for many eye catching designs.

4 – Food:  Start thinking about the food at Thanksgiving. I mean beyond the Turkey. That is if it’s at your home. Are you supplying all the food or is this a potluck affair? Are you going to someone else’s home for Thanksgiving? What will you be taking? Finalize your recipes and NO SURPRISES! Test a new recipe first before serving it to others.

5 – Flatware: We always seem to forget until the day arrives. Will you be using metal or plastic? Cutting meat? Make it durable. This Blingy five piece set by Anthropologie would do your dinner table proud. Another option, if you don’t have enough, pick up several pieces at your local second hand store and polish them up good. My mother used to do this. We have enough now that she no longer needs to.

6 – Children: How do you keep the kids occupied? Are you having a big family gathering with lots of children present? This great pack from Kiwi could have everyone calling you the favorite aunt for years. I wrote this article a few years ago for various ways to get the kids involved during the holidays.

7 – A Frugal Thanksgiving. You can spend quite a mint for Thanksgiving but you don’t have to.  What are some low cost ways you can still have a memorable meal? Read this article about having a Frugal Thanksgiving.

8 – Guests: How many people are coming to your gathering? Do you have enough chairs and tables for all? They don’t have to be fancy because they’ll be hidden by the table cloth.

9 – Got any allergies on the menu?:  Do you feel capable of providing allergy-free food or do you need help? Heart of Cooking has a great selection of Allergy Free Menu Planners.

10 – Don’t forget to Give Thanks.


~Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving



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