No Knead Overnight Bread Recipe

no-knead-overnight-breadI’ve made a lot of bread in my life. Pretty much all of it has been kneaded. While the steps seem the same the abscence of kneading the loaf makes the whole process quicker.

No Knead Overnight bread is delicious and easy to make. You can adjust the recipe for add ins and things but my family prefers a plain loaf.

In most recipes for No Knead Overnight bread you see really nice cast iron pots or those expensive French ones. I had neither (at this time) so I used what I had on hand. So far I’ve made the bread successfully using a stainless steel pot I have from Ikea and my slightly larger stainless steel pot that I use for small batch canning.


Why you want to make No Knead Overnight Bread.

It’s delicious! That’s a no brainer.

If you’ve never made bread and are afraid of messing up this is really a easy bread recipe to get started (and possibly stay) with.

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