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You want an organized home but you want a life too. You might feel that keeping up a home and all that it involves will completely destroy your sense of self and bring an end to your free time. Does that sound like you?

Every day presents opportunities for growth. Every problem has a solution. Sometimes all it takes is to think a little differently than we have before.                  ~Emilie Barnes


Who doesn’t love an organized home? You can find anything of necessity within it’s walls. There are clear clean spaces wherever you look.

There is seemingly a place for everything and everything in it’s place.

But an Clean and Organized Home is more than just a Clean and Organized House

That’s what Homemaking Organized is all about. Helping you get it together.

Finding Your Way Around Homemaking Organized:


  It’s June! And this month we’re working on….

  • Creating a Great Morning Plan (Crystal has come out with another great product to help you be more productive in the am).
  • Reviewing Some Fun Homeschool Products (I get to up my piano skills )
  • Watching the Garden Grow (June is all about protection. Tune in June 8th when the Garden Party updates on ways to protect the garden).
  • Continuing with 34 Weeks of Clean (this month we’re in the laundry room, the linen closet, the porch, and the storage/attic area)


July Blogging – Day 3 – View

I’m very late with today’s challenge but we had an early 4th of July Celebration this evening. By my clock I still have 5 minutes to make it so here goes!

Today’s Prompt is View

What do I think of when I think of View. Well for me it’s really pretty scenery that I can get lost in. Here’s a shot from a recent trip….


Now isn’t that lovely!

I hope you have a lovely Independence Day.




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