Dollar Stretcher Tips for October 30, 2014

Here are your Dollar Stretcher tips for October 30, 2014 Sweeter Smelling Trash Like most, we have a trash can in the kitchen, and occasionally something stinky gets tossed into it. I hate to have these odors in my kitchen, so I put used dryer sheets into my kitchen trash. That pretty much neutralizes any offending odors. Chanile Shower Door Cleaner I don't like cleaning shower doors, so I apply  to them. I use the same product that I use on my car's windshield. The water and soap scum runs right off, and it saves me a bunch of cleaning time. I reapply it every four months or … [Read more...]

Send Your Kids on a Treasure Hunt {review}


Do you love a treasure hunt? I introduced the Sweet Peanut to the fun of a treasure hunt with Homework Reward Treasure Hunt and Happy Tummy Treasure Hunt by Clued in Kids. Helen started creating treasure hunts for her own children and now has a whole passel to share with you. These treasure hunts are great way to get in a little extra learning under the guise of fun. The Clued in Kids Treasure Hunts we reviewed are delivered as PDF downloads each numbering 8 pages. About the Treasure Hunts I started with Homework Reward Treasure Hunt after the end of a hard school week. The Sweet … [Read more...]

Homeschooling an Only Child

The beauty of homeschooling an only child. Truthfully at this time I could never imagine homeschooling more than one. As is probably the case with homeschooling more than one child there are good days and bad. I work hard to keep it together. Find out how as I'm discussing this today over at Living Life and Learning … [Read more...]

Monday – Menu Plan October 27, 2014


It was apple week last week at RavinHill. My local produce market had a Manager's Special on apples and I picked up a bushel box for $3!! For $3!!! was I going to let that go? No way! At first I was like What am I going to do with all these apples??!! Maybe this is too much!!! Blah! Blah! Blah! But luckily I didn't let myself talk my way out of it. My mother was the one to show me the apples. I had been about to buy some regular priced apples for $1.49 a pound when I heard her pst! There they were lovely and smelling great! One apple had the sticker for gala on them but we have all sorts … [Read more...]

What Made America Great. A Documentary {review}

I enjoy watching documentaries and I got the chance to review a really good one, one I'm proud to have in my Christian library, this past month. We've been watching Anthem for a Nation by New Liberty Videos as a family. Anthem for a Nation is a 42 minute long beautifully presented Christian documentary video detailing many of the Christian principals that went into the creation of the great free country of America. The video opens with breathtaking scenery (that makes you want to take a trip) showing the many mountains, rivers, valleys, forests, cities, tourist attractions and more … [Read more...]

Stock Your Pantry for the Cooler Weather {review}


Sometimes we get excited about the coming cold weather months. Simply because they are an excellent for hearty comfort foods that warm you up and keep you full! Delicious soups, stews, and hot casseroles sound so good that you almost don't miss the warmer weather. Even better nourishing soups are a great way to get all those healthy veggies and healing stocks into your family's tummies with little to no effort. Yumm! Speaking of soups we got to review a big box of Frontier Soups this past month. I have to admit I don't keep packaged soup mixes in my pantry. Most of the ones … [Read more...]

A New Cleaning Routine for a New Home


A cleaning routine is a very personal thing. There is a set pattern to your movements and particular days and times you choose to clean things. Also all  of this has to mesh with your own daily and weekly routines. We just recently moved into a new home and moving into a new home means new ways of doing things. A new kitchen layout. Maybe a new bathroom layout. New places to put things...hopefully. And a new set of rooms to clean. Most of the time when you move into a new place it has already been cleaned and is awaiting your belongings. Aside from disinfecting the kitchen and … [Read more...]