Back to Homeschool Blog Hop – Organizing the Homeschool Room


Phew! I am so tired. And sore too. Just look at my homeschool room and you'll see why. We've been in our new home a week and I'm slowly getting things in order. One main thing on my agenda is putting together a new Homeschool/Craft Room. I've been loving the all white homeschool rooms outfitted with all Ikea so I've been planning to something rather similar once we moved to our new home. What rooms am I talking about?... Confessions of a Homeschooler Cute well organized homeschool room Living out His Love I know, I know. Not another white Ikea homeschool room. Yeah it … [Read more...]

Back to Homeschool Blog Hop – Planning the Homeschool Day


It's getting to be that time of year again (sing songy voice) Back to Homeschool! And that means organization and scheduling in all the areas of my life. Yes ALL! Because if I don't get scheduled and organized I can find myself struggling to catch up (and my daughter with me) when it comes to the end of another school year. That's what happened this past school year and it wasn't due to being disorganized and having no schedule. Nope! Rather it was due to the unexpected happening and throwing our whole year off. The thing was it happened last summer...right before school. My dear … [Read more...]

Menu Ideas When You’re Moving and Easy Homemade Has a New Update

I've got some great news for you about Easy Homemade, the great ebook that shows you how to make delicious condiments and more from your pantry. But first! Moving into a new home is exhausting, exciting and a bit worriesome. There is so much going on no matter if you rent OR buy. And one of those worriesome things is WHAT DO I COOK! There are several things that can limit how fast I can put dinner on the table... Food Allergies Eating Healthier Finances What kinds of meals make the best sense during this busy time? Oh wait! The fridge hasn't arrived yet! It's also 100 … [Read more...]

Asian Flavors No Surprises. World Foods Sauces


  I love to cook and I watch a few cooking shows where I am really intrigued by the Asian dishes. I love Asian food (Japanese, and Thai mostly but also some Filipino and Chinese) and was really bummed when I developed a severe soy allergy in my mid-20's. Wooo bummer! No more miso dressing for me. That was really a sad time. Through the years I've developed my own set of dishes that mimic the Asian tastes I love so much but I've spent so much time trying to emulate that soy-sauce taste I've completely missed out on some wonderful Asian dishes that don't even contain any soy … [Read more...]

Back to Homeschool Blog Hop – Our Methods (and Madness)


When I First Started Homeschooling I had never heard of  The Charlotte Mason Method, or the Literature Rich Method, The Montessori Method, Lapbooking, or even The Unschooling Method. These were all Greek names to me and all I knew was that I saw my extended family homeschool successfully and I knew God was leading us on the same path. I didn't have the foggiest idea that it might help to know my daughter's learning style or even to create a lesson plan. Even in my fumblings God has blessed us to have a good run so far in our homeschool days. I started off our little curriculum … [Read more...]

Back to Homeschool Blog Hop – Back to Homeschool Giveaway


It's getting to be crunch time for back to Homeschool. I'm not talking about getting organized and getting your lesson plans in order, yes we need to do that, but rather crunching numbers and finding out how much money you'll need for this year's curriculum and what you may need to cut back on to make it fit. Homeschooling can cost a fair bit. Especially if you're still kind of working out what works best for your kids. And unfortunately there is no tax break for this labor of love. Well Homeschooling Mom you are not alone and several members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew have joined … [Read more...]

Monday – Menu Plan for August 4, 2014


It's another Monday and another tight one for me to cook directly from the freezer.  We're in moving mode still and I need to maximize what I have at home to clear out the freezer and pantry. Last week, if you remember, I mentioned cooking 10bls of chicken thighs. Well you can see in the picture above some of the meals I came up with. They all look the same don't they?!  I know. Well some are breaded. Some are breaded with parmesan, and some are sesame seed. Well they taste different even if they don't look different. On other notes I'm out of freshly frozen fish in the freezer but I … [Read more...]