Monday – Menu Plan for the Week of July 21, 2014


Happy Monday everyone. I hope you had a great week last week. I had a nice week. It's hot in my neck of the woods so we had some cool dinners. We took a jaunt out to our local Parade of Homes show. We wanted to see if we could get some ideas for our new home....not. Man! Everything was humungous like it was made for giants and then the some of the stagers had put in very gaudy details. They were nice homes and pretty luxurious but... I don't know I just couldn't imagine myself living in any of those homes. But I could imagine this nice dining table from Restoration Hardware and some … [Read more...]

Back to School Menu Planning with eMeals


Seriously? Back to school already? Apparently so from all the emails landing in my inbox. Are you ready? I'm certainly not! You've heard me say it umpteen times, I'm moving. Aaarrgggh! And soon! As I look at the calendar sitting next to me right now I get a little nervous. Our new school year starts soon but I have a host of other issues to get done first. Moving Getting set up in the new home Setting up the makeshift homeschool room until I can set it up the way I really want. In addition to these big items I'll have to think about feeding the family nutritious meals. Not … [Read more...]

Build Your Own Back to Homeschool Curriculum

(long post and affiliate links included)   The "Build Your Bundle" - Homeschool Edition sale is here! For one week only (July 21-28) save up to 92% on bestselling homeschooling products, including MANY from Cathy Duffy's Top 100 list! Take a look at the bundles: Charlotte Mason Bundle This bundle features complete curriculum using the Charlotte Mason Methods for language arts, handwriting, and reading, a full geography curriculum, a plethora of resources for studying nature, artists, poetry, and a variety of "extras" just for … [Read more...]

52 Weeks of Fresh Breakfast Ideas: Juicing for Breakfast


I'm taking the bull by the horns so to speak. I haven't been getting along with breakfast for some time and I aim to rework that this year. Join me in my quest to find 52 Fresh Breakfast Ideas that don't leave me feeling heavy or my family still hungry. We may revisit dishes you already know or find some new favorites but my goal for 2014 is a new appreciation for breakfast.   This past Mother's Day my lovely family blessed me with a new. I had been using a 25 year old Panasonic Juicer my father bought for me when I was 16 years old and we thought maybe we would like an … [Read more...]

Dollar Stretcher Tips July 17, 2014

Here are your Dollar Stretcher Tips for July 17, 2014. Painter's Hack We recently had the inside of our home painted and there was quite a bit of old paint on the baseboards and floors. Our painter told us to put on a rag or cotton ball and rub the old paint away. It worked. DAL Checking Your Luggage? Before you turn over your suitcase, take a picture of the inside of it. That way, if it gets lost, you have a record of what was inside. You may need to take a few, but it only takes a minute and could avoid big trouble later. Vicky Buggy Car? Put some baking soda on a wet sponge and … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Reusable Swiffer/Pledge Duster Refill


A couple of years ago I got this big lovely package in the mail from Right at Home. Inside were cleaning supplies in a nice big white cleaning caddy. I was in love! One of the items included was a Pledge brand duster. You know like the Swiffer ones. I went right to work using it to tidy up my badly neglected blinds. It works really well for this and even better if you spray it first with Pledge or something. So I happily used my Pledge sprayed duster to clean up the blinds but then it was all icky and I knew I needed to get a refill. As I was in the slow process (I looked for them if I … [Read more...]

The Revealing by Suzanne Woods Fisher a Litfuse Book Reviews


About the Book: Naomi King, soft spoken, loyal, and easily overlooked, has a gift. She sees what others can't see. Intuition, she calls it. Others in Stoney Ridge don't know what to make of it and dismiss her hunches and inklings altogether.When a young woman arrives at the Inn at Eagle Hill with a shocking secret about Tobe Schrock, Naomi fears the worst. She can't ignore the feeling that something sinister is at work--- something more than a threat to the tenuous love begun between her and Tobe.As signs mount, they begin to point to Jake Hertzler, the elusive mastermind behind Schrock … [Read more...]