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Dollar Stretcher Tips for December 18, 2014

  Dollar Stretcher Tips for December 18, 2014 Party Beverages Serve one signature alcoholic mixed drink or one type of wine punch and one type of non-alcoholic fruit punch instead of many different drink choices at your party. Add coffee, tea, and water to round out your drink selections. This will saves you both money […]

Liberty Kids on Amazon Only $5

I’m not sure how long this will last but right now  is available on Amazon for only $5! We studied the American Revolution earlier this year and I love having extra supplements to reinforce lessons learned in the school room. Makes a great gift for Homeschool families.


Get Ready for Tomorrow, Tonight!

I have numerous books by home organizing expert Emilie Barnes. She gives us such time proven wisdom. One of my favorites is starting your day the night before. This advice is easy to follow and can … [Read More...]


B is for Boredom…..

When my daughter was a little she had a habit of telling me when she was bored as if I were to turn cartwheels to entertain her all day long. She never wanted to read or do something quiet on her own … [Read More...]