How to Have a Clean Home

Beginner's Guide to a Clean Home

Everyone loves a Clean Home. Whether visiting one or living in one it’s a thing of beauty and a goal for many. 

I actually learned to clean homes on a job. My first summer out of high school I spent 2 months cleaning the small apartments in an convalescent center. I had a crash course from a lady not much older than myself on how to thoroughly clean the bathroom, kitchen, and living spaces on a floor of apartments in one afternoon. Each day after work I was WIPED OUT! But I learned so much and I use what I learned to this day!


  • A clean home can mean different things to different people. While there is a certain point where, yeah, your home is messy, the level of cleanliness that each family is comfortable with can vary greatly.
  • If your home’s level of cleanliness is not something you’re comfortable by all means change that. It does not have to take all day.  And you do not have to do it alone!

How to get started Cleaning Your Home

  • To get started cleaning your home you need a plan. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Have you heard that before? Without a plan in place to get your home clean you are likely to become overwhelmed and discouraged. 
  • 7 Days to a Clean and More Organized Home (series)

Tips for Success WHen Cleaning Your Home

  • I know you’re anxious for the finish line when your home is all clean and tidy but do yourself a favor and pace yourself.
  • Think about your time and how much you have to devote to a clean home. 
  • You can even get things in order with only 15 minutes a day.
  • 15 Minutes to a Cleaner Home 

Common Questions About Cleaning Your Home

  • What Should Be Cleaned When in My Home?

    • Isn’t this the age old question?! (When it comes to cleaning your home that is). When to clean what?! It’s time to stop trying to keep it all in your head and pick up a nice checklist with just this information on it. Put Your Home on a Schedule.
  • How to ALWays Have a CLean Home

    • Do you have a friend whose home is always clean? No matter what time of day or what day of the week the home is always neat as a pin! I have one of those. Want to know her secret? Don’t put it down, put it away. Everything in her home has a place and she declutters seasonally. Simply! Oh and she has a regular cleaning routine. I want to be like her when I grow up.
  • How to Clean Your Home in ONe Week

    • Sometimes your home takes a little longer to put to rights. I usually take about a week to clean my home between seasons. Being able to focus on one room or area a day helps to get things nice and tidy.
    • Clean your Home in a Week Series.
  • How to Clean Your Home in One Day

    • Some people like to clean their whole home once a week. Preferably on Saturdays. This is not my preferred method but I do use it in a pinch. 
    • Clean your home fast 
  • How to Clean Your Home Fast

    • Have you ever gotten a phone call that someone will be dropping by in a short amount of time? Yup it’s happened to me. No, I take that back, it happens to me often.  What you need is a quick method for cleaning things in a hurry. 
    • Clean Your Home in Record Time

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Cleaning Your Home

  • Try not  to think of Cleaning Your Home as a drudgery chore. Think about how happy a clean home makes you and how nice it is to bless your family and guests with a lovely place to rest.
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