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Knowing how to clean your home quickly is one of those skills you want to have in your arsenal. Maybe you have guests coming over and you haven’t had much time to clean. Or maybe it’s been a while and you just want things tidy. Whatever the reason here are some steps to cleaning your home in a hurry.

Clean Your Home Fast

Company is on the way and your home is a hot mess! I’ve been there done that. And when your friends are your neighbors it can happen quite often.

I like keeping a clean home not only for my guests but for myself and for my family. I sleep better if things are clean.

There is hope for a clean home in record time.

There are different cleaning methods to use depending upon how much time you have. In this post I’ll cover guests coming over in less than an hour and also when you have a few hours, like on a Saturday, but that’s all you have.

So follow the steps below to get your home clean and organized, at least as far as your guest is concerned, right on time.

Tips for cleaning your home fast.

Your Tools for a Clean Home

First off you’ll want to gather your tools. You need good cleaning tools if you’re going to clean your home. There are a ton of tools out there to help you clean your home. Not sure where to start? If you just need a good supply of cleaning solutions for all your surfaces I recommend Murchison Hume. you are starting from scratch I recommend the Spring Cleaning Kit . If you have all your tools in one place it’s easier to move quickly through your home.

Give Yourself a Deadline

Sometimes we move faster when we know we have a limited amount of time. Go figure. It’s just how the brain works. So the next time you need to clean your house in a hurry use a timer.

I love to use a timer in my cleaning. In my mind it’s like a game trying to beat the clock. This is how I do it. If I have, say an hour to clean, I will break that down by how many rooms I need to clean. I give myself a few minutes in each room depending upon how much time you have. Friends dropping by in half an hour? You have about 5 minutes per room. On Cleaning Day give yourself 15 to 20 minutes per room depending upon the room.

Remove Odors

Having my home smell fresh is a big part of cleaning it. When you are cleaning your home in a hurry getting those odors to flee is something that you need to happen quickly. These are some fresh in a hurry tactics I use in my home.

  • Open all the rooms in your home. This is the fastest way to clear the odors. Make sure you use door and window screens or you may find a cute stray cat has moved in 🙂
  • Run an Essential Oils Diffuser (<<<this is the one I use) with your favorite essential oil blends.
  • Use my simple Carpet Deodorizer mix for a fresh smelling carpet.

Now for the Actual House Cleaning Steps

  1. Start with the entry way. The first place your guests will see. You have that trash bag and your basket. Dump garbage and put anything that doesn’t belong in the room in the basket. Take your glass cleaner and give a quick spray on a cleaning cloth. Wipe front door glass, and any other windows, mirrors in this area. Just quickly don’t get too into it. Tidy any messy shoes and hang up bags and coats.
  2. Next it’s time to tidy the Guest Bathroom. Another room your guests may see and depending upon who you are expecting they could need it right away. So it only makes sense to give it a quick swish and wipe. This is how I do this quickly. Spray a little disinfectant around inside the bowl of toilet and leave to sit while cleaning the rest of the bathroom. Using a sponge a quick (very quick) scrub of the sink. Cloth sprayed with window cleaner to wipe the mirrors, the faucet, and around the sink/counter. I also wipe the door handle. Move back to toilet quick scrub in the toilet, a piece of tissue with disinfectant on it to wipe the toilet handle and seats (this is the quickie clean remember). Wash hands and move on.
  3. Living Room or Family Room follows depending upon the layout of your home. Fluff pillows, straighten magazines. Just pile don’t look for places to put them. Clear off dining table. Push in chairs. Don’t organize. If the dining table is foody (my sister’s word) wipe it with a damp cloth. Remember that garbage bag and basket? Dump trash in the bag and put items not belonging in basket to be put away later.
  4. Now it’s time for the Kitchen. Get all the dirty dishes out of the sink and off the counters. Wash them if you have time or put them all in the dish washer. Wipe down counters. Put any food sitting out away.
  5. The Floors. We saved cleaning the floors until almost last because to save time it’s best to do it all at once. Now let me just interrupt here to say that if you have already Put Your Home on a Schedule then you wont’ have much to vacuum and sweep.
  6. One last thing is to step on your front porch and tidy things. I say this because first impressions matter. Since we are just cleaning the home quickly for impending guests you want to them to KNOW they are coming to a clean and tidy home (wink).
  7. Finally if you have extra time make all the unmade beds. I  say this because I can’t believe how nosey people are and they always find a way to somehow look into your private bedrooms. So just go with it and make the beds. Get your kids in on this if they are home. This only takes seconds. And just a footnote, remove clothes and clutter lying about as well.
How to clean your home quickly

Final Cleaning Notes

Whew! Now go comb your hair and spritz on some perfume! Look relaxed. You will daze and amaze your friends. They will wonder how you always have such a clean and organized home! ; )

Honestly you would be surprised at what you can accomplish in cleaning your home in just a few short minutes. From a messy breakfast I can clean the kitchen in 5 minutes. In 15 minutes I can put my home back together after hosting my extended family. In about 2 hours I can clean the whole house (except for my daughter’s bedroom which she should clean. Really she should). Test out this clean home method out before using it real time and adjust it to meet your own household’s needs.

Need some more home cleaning tips?

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