10 Spring Cleaning Hacks FOR A CLEANER HOME

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It’s Spring again and time to detail clean your home!

The dusting and moping is the easy stuff. But what about things like getting rid of rust, or removing stains from walls? So I’ve pulled together 10 tips to get your started.

1. Clean and Organize Kitchen Cupboards

One of the first places I start cleaning my home is in the kitchen. Kitchens get such a vigorous workout that the kitchen deserves some love. Right? Everybody is in there opening cupboards, looking for things, leaving counters in states of disarray! This post from ItsYummi walks through how she cleaned and organizes specific cabinets in her kitchen using products from OXO. By the way if you’re curious about how I clean my own kitchen I walk through the details in this post: Spring Cleaning the Kitchen

2. Removing Shower Mold

Got Mold in the shower? Pink Fortitude can help you with that. We all know (I hope) that mold in the bathroom is icky and unhealthy. Sometimes regular cleaning of your bathroom is not enough to keep mold at bay and you need to add some extra help. In addition to using a dehumidifier this post from PinkFortitude walks through how to clean your bathroom and remove the mold using natural methods.

3. Sprucing up Your Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless Steel Cleaning

When we bought our new home I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on some stainless steel appliances…fast forward 5 years. I still love my appliances but I almost have to clean them daily to keep them looking good. This simple post from Thrifty Jinxy lists 4 ways to keep your Stainless Steel Appliances looking nice and shiny. I’ve got stainless steel appliances and can use this informtioant. Can you? Thank Thrifty Jinxy.

4. Natural Kitchen Cleaning Recipe

When it comes to the kitchen I do like to use more natural cleaners. We are around food after all. For an easy way to clean your stovetop Foothills Mama stumbled upon this easy recipe using ingredients you probably already have on hand. Make your own great smelling Kitchen Cleaner recipe from FootHillsMama.

5. 7 ways to Remove Crayons from Walls

Have you suffered from kids writing in crayon on your walls? You can thank Katelyn from What’s Up Fagans for testing out 7 different methods for removing crayon from walls.

6. Spring Cleaning Tips that Will Make You Money!

Woah! If you’re not motivated to declutter or clean just think that by Spring Cleaning you can even add some funds back to the family budget. IHeartCleaning has 3 tips to help you earn money from your Spring Cleaning efforts.

7. Simple tip for Removing Rust

Rust can make your faucets look icky. No matter how you clean them that rust will make it seem like they are really dirty. Simplicity in the South has a tutorial to show you two simple tools to not only remove the rust but keep it from coming back.

8. A New Way to Do Laundry

I’m not fond of laundry. I think I’ve mentioned that a time or two. Over at Smart Fun DIY has a one basket system that I’m tempted to try. If you do it let me know how it goes. Laundry is my kryptonite.

9. A Carpet Cleaning Solution

Spring time is a great time to shampoo your carpets. You can open the windows and get a lot of fresh air to help dry them quickly. We’re Bright at Home has created a DIY carpet cleaning solution for you. I haven’t tried it yet but I just got a new carpet cleaning machine so…

10. How to Clean Window Tracks

After a winter of rain and snow I’m sure your window tracks are as filthy as mine. Newlywed Survival has created a tutorial on cleaning your window tracks step by step. I even helped a friend clean her windows. You never know when you can share the love and help someone else with your cleaning skills.

Enjoy your Spring Cleaned home!


  1. Hi Kemi – What a great roundup for spring cleaning. PINNED!!! Thank you so much for including my tutorial on mold removal. My heart is full of gratitude. Hugs, Holly

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