Allergy Eye Relief From Similasan (review)

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My daughter and I both suffer from season allergies. These are new to me since my mid twenties but she has always suffered from there. On a seemingly calm spring day she will arrive indoors, after having a lovely time outside, and immediately her eyes turn red, she sneezes, and it all ends in a bad cough. Just awful.

We’ve been adjusting things through the years because she prefers a more natural approach to dealing with her allergies.

There are several season allergies that afflict people. Tree pollen and grass pollen can make people miserable from coast to coast. From February until early summer and then from August until late Fall. Sneeze, cough, and just feel miserable.

Similasan Eye Drops

Similasan is a company from Switzerland. Founded by a Swiss pharmacist it is now a well known company here in the US.

They use homeopathy in their remedies. Homeopathy is the idea that the same substance that causes something can be used to treat it in highly diluted form.

The eye drops contain Eyebright flower, Sabadilla Lily, and something called Apis Mellifica which comes from (crushed) bees. I was a bit sad about that because bees are so helpful in my garden. Maybe they could try crushed wasps instead? I wouldn’t be upset about that.

Eyebright Flower is an annual plant that has been used for hundreds of years to fight eye inflammation and coughs.

Sabadilla Lily from a lily that grows in South America.

Similasan Allergy Eye Relief Drops contain no harsh chemicals, antihistamines, or vasoconstrictors.

It states that it helps to temporarily relieve the symptoms of itching, burning, watering, and redness.

I was sent a package of Similasan products to try…

  • Similasan Allergy Eye Relief Drops
  • Similasan Nasal Allergy Relief
  • Similasan Allergy & Sinus Relief Tables
  • Similasan Pink Eye Relief
  • Similasan Earache Relief
  • and some other goodies3

Using Similasan Eye Drops for Allergies

The other day my daughter’s allergies were particularly bad. She hadn’t been spending time outside yet but the pollen in the air was really getting to her. I asked her if she wanted to try the Similasan Eye Drops. Truthfully I wasn’t sure if they would help her. Her preferred method of relief from allergies is something natural so she was game. She noticed improvement right away. Her eyes stopped itching. And she didn’t have to go to something else.

Other Methods for Relieving Allergies

When my allergies first hit and they are mild some other things I do to alleviate our season allergies include…

  • Drink lots of liquids
  • Take Vitamin C (yes it works)
  • Nose rinses (these really! work)
  • heated compress over eyes

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