Restore for Health: Another Gut Health Review from @Momsmeet

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For the past month I have again sacrificed my body and health to review this, new to me, product for you (you’re welcome).

It’s called Restore for Health

As I age (don’t we all) I’ve come to realize that a lot of how we feel is based on what we put in our mouths. That goes for food and supplements.

Many years ago a work colleague tried to sell me on a brand of vitamins by telling me about all the minerals depleted from our soils. At the time I looked at him like he was crazy but in these past few years of small space gardening and recognizing the difference in home grown, organic, local, and mass produced produce I have to agree.

Restore aims to help with that.

Some Details About Restore

Restore is a supplement in the gut health arena. It contains no probiotics or prebiotics. As opposed to adding something to your gut Restore helps the gut to “restore” itself so probiotics are not recommended while taking it.

If you’ve ever looked at your bottles of Probiotics (if you take them) you may have noticed that they all contains billions of bacteria and they try to one up each other on those billion amounts. But apparently it’s still not enough. Apparently your body needs more.

The strongest probiotic on the market contains up to 50 strands of bacteria, but your body, when it’s in it’s optimal state, contains up to 20,000.

Restore aims to balance your gut system by creating an optimal environment so that your own bacteria will “restore” themselves (haha!) and flourish.

With all the chemicals and pesticeds in our environment and even foods Restore’s goal is to strengthen your gut system. And it has even been shown to enhance mental clarity, mood, and even happiness (read on to see if I experienced any of this).

So yes I put down my very effective probiotics for you (you’re welcome).

*If you’re trying to recover from taking anti-biotics though it is reccomended to keep taking your probiotics.*

How I Used Restore Gut Health

At first I planned on being the only one in the family to take Restore, but after reading some of the possible benefits to taking Restore I have both my husband and my daughter taking it too. They have not been taking it as long as I have so I don’t really have any feedback from them.

I also didn’t expect to have results from Restore right away as I understand (from the informational video) it can take a  while to realize the full benefits.

At first when I was taking Restore I was not taking the recommended amount. The Restore website says to start slow if you have a delicate constitution. I was worried about stomach upset so I went with 1 teaspoon a day. I didn’t notice anything but I kept going with that.

Then one day I had a bad cold. My nose was really stuffed up making me horribly uncomfortable. Normally I drink a bunch of tea and take a boatload of vitamin C and then resort to medication if that doesn’t work in a case like this but I happened to be away from home.

Interestingly enough I had brought the Restore Nasal Spray with me on this particular day. Not really thinking about dosage (which I should have been of course) I used the nasal spray several times during the day to relief my nose issues. I mean several. Lost count.

Okay so there is a reason they tell you to start slow with this stuff. All day I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my intestines. Let’s just say the bathroom was my friend that day and it took me a few days to realize what had happened.

After that fateful day I found a happy medium with Restore. I upped my dosage of Restore from 1/4 of a teaspoon to about 2 teaspoons a day. I’m still working up to 3.

How Well Does Restore Work?

Does Restore work? Well I do know I am digesting much better. Oh how do you make these things not TMI? My digestion is better, ‘nuf said.

Oh yes and to test it fully I stopped all my supplements. Multivitamins and supplements.  Yeah those. Surprisingly after taking Restore for about 2 weeks I noticed I had energy as if I had taken my super green multi vitamin. I didn’t think much about it or connect it to Restore at first. I was too busy getting things done. But after a while I attributed it to that as I had done nothing else different in my diet. That was kind of a revelation and very encouraging.

I also ended up talking a family member who has very poor digestion into buying and taking Restore. I didn’t tell her about the energy thing but she started to experience it after a week.  Maybe I can talk you into it too.

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  1. This is great reading material for people interested in gut supplements opposed to bacteria containing, ineffective Probiotics that do not work! It makes much more sense to restore and strengthen your gut.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing Restore products, I will definitely tell this to mom, I know she’ll be loving it because this will help her with her health. Thanks for this post.

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