Backyard Eating Cleaning Kit

Create and Use a Backyard Eating Cleaning Kit

We love using our outdoor furniture to relax and eat meals at.

And when my duaghter’s friends come over they make use of it too. They like to eat their snacks and have little picnics at our tables and chairs. I want to make sure these kids are safe.

I’ve seen what kind of wildlife walks across my outdoor dining set table when they think nobody is looking. Birds and cats are just the larger ones I see. Some leave evidence of their midnight wanderings and some don’t but regardless I don’t wnat my guests or family to ingest the residue that can be left behind.

Putting together a little backyard eating Cleaning Kit

  1. Wisk Broom
  2. Viva Paper Towels
  3. Clorox
  4. Damp Cloth

Cleaning your Outdoor Dining Set

So hopefully you’ve already done the annual cleaning of your furniture and this is just a nice touchup of your outdoor furniture before a meal enjoyed outdoors.

Pull together your items from the list above and head out of doors.

Since you’re about to eat you don’t want to hose down your furniture because that will make it all wet and not a comfortable place to eat at all!

  • Start off with sweeping off your table and chairs with your wisk broom. This will remove any debris that has flown on overnight from the wind or been left behind by birds, cats, or who knows what else.


  • After that pull out your cleaning spray. Now this particular Clorox+Bleach spray has bleach in it (hence the name) and you can get Clorox+Bleach and Viva Towels together in a bundle if you buy from Walmart. You want that because if your outdoor furniture is like mine you may find bird poop or frog poop on it. I want to disinfect that so using something with a little bleach will help with that.


  • Now I don’t spray the soft cushions of my outdoor furniture because I don’t want to bleach them. My outdoor dining set is wrought iron but I want you to test a little bit of your furniture that can’t be seen first for colorfastness (like clothing).


  • After you’ve sprayed your tables (not to soak them but just a few sprays) go ahead and wipe it in and off with some paper towels. I use Viva Paper Towels. They’re sturdy and a little goes a lot way. By the way you can also  purchase Viva Towels and Clorox+Bleach together in a bundle at Walmart. I was able to removed all the Clorox cleaner and the ick that comes with it. Just check out my image below. Yuck! And by the way I had cleaned this same table few days before!


  • Finally, use a damp cloth that you’ve run through a sink of water and squeezed out well and wipe your table and chairs again. This will be sure to finish off your table and chairs.


  • Put your cushions back on and have a lovely meal!

This quick clean up will make sure you have and your guests have a safe place to enjoy those outdoor meals.

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