3 Home Tasks to Add to Your Morning Routine

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You already have a morning routine. Even if it’s haphazard and you’re struggling to get going in the morning you have a morning routine. The question is how effective is it at getting your day off to a smooth start?

There are three steps I like to put into my morning routine to help make the day go smoother.

1) Make the beds: This is non-negotiable for me and must happen every day. I admit to getting to it late some haphazard days but the home seems out of whack if the beds are not made.  A made bed can really bring a room together. Making the bed might seem like a small thing but it has a big impact on the look of your room. If you want all the bedrooms in your home to look clean and organized start making your bed in the morning. Two minutes is all it takes for this small task.

2) Touch up the bathrooms. I like to make it habit to wipe out the sink, wipe toothpaste sprays off the mirror and give the toilet a very quick once over each day. After performing the morning ablutions bathrooms can be left in quite a dissaray with towels strewn here and there, toiletries scattered all over the countertop and things just generally a mess. On my way out the door I like to put things to rights so the next time I’m in there I’m not sighing in disgust. This only takes a few minutes. Train your little ones to clean up after themselves in the bathroom too.

3) Start Dinner. This may seem weird but do something for dinner in the morning before you head out or start your day at home. Hopefully you already have a system of meal planning in place. Extend the efficiency of that meal plan by getting started on your dinner in the morning. It could be setting the meat to marinate or thaw in the fridge. Maybe it just means setting out the dry ingredients for your dinner in a spare corner on the counter. Or even just reviewing your recipe for that evening. The idea is that there are no surprises come dinner prep time.

These are just three small additions to a morning routine that can bring a great start to your day.

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