6 Ways to Organize Your Homeschool Days

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Organizing the Homeschool Day
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Organizing the Homeschool Day

Today we’re talking about Organizing the Homeschool Day

I never realized how important this aspect of homeschooling was in the early days of good ol’ preschool and kindergarten. You know.  what is school then? An hour? Half an hour? But now heading into the 3rd grade it’s become ultra important in our home to make sure that each hour of the homeschool day is used wisely. That our daily schedule matches up with our homelife and that we’re not burnt out from being so disorganized by the end of our week.

Pacing ourselves and making sure to not just go through the motions is on my agenda for this coming year. I think they call it being intentional. We’re also going to be switching things up, much to the chagrin of the Sweet Peanut, to be more accommodating of Daddy’s schedule. He works on Saturdays and has a weekday off so this year my goal is to take that day off from school and use it like our Saturday and have school on Saturday. We’ll see how long this lasts.

So to help me and to help you too I’ve pulled together six homeschool moms to give you some tips on how they organize their homeschool days.


  • Courtney of  The Classic Circus who homeschools 5 boys uses something called The Loop to organize her homeschool days. Following this schedule made her school days more peaceful.



  •  Lexi at Lextin Academy shares her detailed Spring Homeschool schedule. She lists all the family members and what they’re doing each hour of the day. She’s one busy mama but I can see how that schedule would really work. She even has a list of goals below the schedule. View her detailed plan here.


  • Christa at Fairfield Corner Academy uses a weekly planner and various colored pens to keep track of her homeschool and her family. You can read the details here.


  • Chareen at Every Bed of Roses analyzes the pluses and minuses of having a homeschool schedule. She lists a lot of tips for putting together your own homeschool schedule and even links to some other homeschool moms. This a great, packed post!


  • At Upside Down Homeschooling Heather shares with us how her search for the perfect schedule ended when she understood there is no perfect schedule. She gives 7 tips for creating your own perfect homeschool schedule for your family.


I hope you enjoyed this view into the homeschool days of other homeschool families. Our schedules are such a personal thing but we can learn great tips from each other.

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