Putting Your Daily Routine in Your Planner

A daily routine is a great way to set yourself up for a productive day. And a planner you will use is another way to organize that daily routine. Combine them both and see how much they can help you!

Putting Your Daily Routine in your Planner.

Create a Daily Routine

A Daily Routine is a great thing. It’s the tool that keeps me from being all over the place with my day. But I have found, personally, that it helps a whole lot if I have it written down. And if I’m even more organized and have it in my planner? Even better!

Want to try your hand using your planner and your Daily Routine together for a 1 – 2 punch? Start the process by figuring out your daily routine and how to add this routine to your daily planner? Need a help with putting together a Daily Routine? I’ve got you covered with this article.

If you find that you have a few quiet minutes to sit at your kitchen table in the morning or the evenings with a cup of coffee or tea that is a great time to start writing out your daily routine. And you can put it in your planner. Or you can put it in you a journal or even post is somewhere to refer to. It’s not about where you keep it but being consistent with it.

Be Consistent with your Daily Routine

Speaking of being consistent. This is why creating a daily routine and adding it to your planner can help you so much. Your planner already contains your schedule where you keep things in order and know what to expect. Add your Daily Routine to this planner and refer to it daily until it becomes a habit (about 21 days).

Fit it Into Your Regular Day

Be realistic about opening and using your planner daily. You might like the idea of a morning planner and journal session, I mean who doesn’t, but if you are already struggling getting to work on time, then morning obviously isn’t for you (right now). Instead, think of a time during the day when you do have some time. What’s the best time of day where you can move things around in your current routine? You know your life best, so work with your personal schedule to find a good time to work with your planner and seeing to your Daily Routine.

Keep it Simple Sista’

This probably isn’t the first and won’t be the last time you hear the KISS advice of keeping it simple! If you are just starting to work with a planner (printable or printed)and struggling to use it every day, don’t bother trying to turn it into a big project. You don’t need the latest bullet journal or a planner with 500 pages just to be effective. Have 5-10 pages to start with and then when those pages fill up or you get new ideas, gradually add in more pages and information to your planner.

Find and Use a Planner You Love

Using a planner you absolutely love and that works best for you will encourage you to use it. You will be excited about opening it up every day and checking off those to-do’s. Some think it’s best to have one planner for all your needs. It keeps the confusion low.

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