4 Tips To Make Over Your Living Room in One Day

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With the holidays coming it’s a fabulous time to give the most visited (by outside guest) room in your home a makeover. You’re not ready to start painting, renovating and purchasing new furniture but you do want a new look for your old living room.

Using what you have around the house and some strategic rearranging can give your living room a lovely new look for the holidays. Think welcoming and cozy as you make changes.

The first step is to rearrange your furniture. This is of course if you can. Sometimes there is only so much room for the couch. Or you only have one wall where the bookshelf must go. But! If you have the room move your furniture around. I used to live in a 2 bedroom apartment where I moved the furniture seasonally. 2 couches, end tables and a bookshelf. Be creative. Group chairs and couches together to make cozy seating arrangements. If you have a fireplace tuck comfy chairs and couches around it. Tables can go to the side or even against a wall.

Next clear off cluttered spaces. Clean and clear tops can make a HUGE difference in the look of your room. Clear off any tables, piano tops, and mantles. Only put back the bare necessities. Use baskets or dual purpose furniture for excess that must be in the living room. Be spare in showing off collections. If you have a ton then rotate what is shown monthly or seasonally.

Add a plant or two. Plants are a nice addition to any room. Not only for what they do for the air but also aesthetically. If you have a big plant all the better. Place it on the floor near a window, beside a couch or any other attractive place.

Repurpose. Pull unused baskets, rugs, and blankets from your storage areas. Use the baskets to coral things on table tops (Don’t overdo it no more than one please). Try to match the baskets to your decor. If they don’t fit don’t use them. Decorative boxes can also be used. Large baskets can go under tables and be used to contain reading material such as newspapers. Use rugs to bring your conversation groupings together. If you don’t have a spare or one that is not working in another room don’t sweat it. Move on. Use your spare blanket as a throw on your couch. Again one is plenty.

Have fun with this. Look over catalogs you get in the mail for ideas. Find great design ideas on Pinterest. Watch home design shows.


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