Cleaning the Floor with a Steam Mop

In our previous home, with linoleum in the kitchen and both bathrooms I wanted an easier way to clean the floors on a daily basis. Rather than getting out the mop and the microfiber pads I wanted a little more oomph! so that I could undo what a small child and pets could put out.

So I read the reviews, thought about it, and purchased a Steam Mop

Reasons for Choosing a Steam Mop

  • Steam Mops only use water so you’re not using chemicals or something that will leave a buildup each time you clean the floor. This is very important if you have chemical sensitivities or just want to start moving to more eco ways to clean your home.  I use distilled water in our machine as we have hard water and I read that (hard water) would eventually kill the machine.
  • Steam mops use microfiber pads (or should).  I love microfiber’s scrubbing power. It’s much more thorough.
  • Steam also sanitizes. No need for extra cleaners. Yaay! Againw ith kids and pets mui importante.
  • Steam mops like this one can be multi-purpose so you can clean a lot of surfaces in your home with one machine. Thinks showers, countertops, and ones with nozzles can get stains out of carpets (oooh!).
  • No emptying of dirty water and the like to clean up. Just whip off the pad and tuck it away.

Reasons You May Not Want to Use a Steam Mop

  • They don’t clean baseboards. Say what??!! It would be so perfect if it did.
  • Not necessarily the best tool for wood and laminate floors. I know some people do use steam mops on these types of floors but do this with caution please. Best for tile floors.
  • Yet another gadget in the home. For some this is good, for some bad.
  • Some people have claimed the steam mops streaked their floors.

So what do you think? Are you ready to give a steam cleaner a try? The Bissell 1806C Powerfresh Deluxe Steam Mop gets good reviews and looks like a good option.

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