How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean With Daily Touchups

How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean With Daily Touchups - Homemaking Organized

Your bathroom is the second most used room in your home (kitchen being first). It needs constant care or it may become a science experiment.

I’m sure you like to have clean bathrooms in your home. Who doesn’t? I certainly do.

But I only have time to deep clean my bathrooms once a week and even that can be difficult to get to without hiccups.

To keep the bathrooms tidy between cleanings I’ve adopted this super quick method and hope it will help you to keep your bathroom clean with daily touchups.

Side note: Just recently one my family members has been sharing her woes of a shared bathroom gone wrong. She was the only one seeing to it’s cleaning apart from the weekly cleaning service and it still wasn’t enough. Don’t let this happen to you. Involve the whole family in cleaning up after themselves….that’s a post for another time.

Daily Quick Bathroom Clean

  1. Change the hand towel. I like to do this first with clean hands or last after I’ve washed my hands.
  2. Quickly spray the mirror, sink, and toilet bowl (in that order).
  3. Get a microfiber cloth and spray it once. Wipe door handle and light switch.
  4. With the same microfiber cloth wipe the mirror, faucet, and then wipe out the sink.
  5. Quickly swish the toilet with a toilet brush.
  6. Get a piece of toilet paper (several squares) spritz a little cleaner on in and wipe the lid, seat, and rim. Move fast. Now flush the toilet.
  7. Quick wipe with old fabric softener sheet or piece of tissue any hairs or stuff on the floor and toss it in the trash (I know it was empty but a tiny piece of tissue won’t matter).

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  1. Kemi, I love this post! I wanted to ask, where you get the microfiber cloths? Are they the ones I’ve heard about that have a little bit of silver in them and kill germs very well?

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