Deep Clean Your Master Bathroom in 6 Easy Steps

Deep Clean Your Master Bathroom in 6 Easy Steps with the Wondermop from Libman save $3 =>

Creating a cleaning routine that works for your home is a must! Someone else's cleaning ideas are great starting points but ultimately, to get the job done it has to be plan that works for you!

The bathrooms are one part of my cleaning routine that I'm constantly tweaking and working to find the right system for my life and home.

As we move to different homes and age I find myself shifting in how I take care of this oh most important room.

In my married life I've always had more than one bathroom to clean.

In our first apartment there were 2 bathrooms and at that time hubby would help me clean them. We would have a Thursday night competition to see who could clean their bathroom the fastest. Ah those nice small bathrooms. I think they took us about 15 to 20 minutes each to scrub down completely.

Our second apartment also had 2 bathrooms but we pretty much set up the second bathroom for the cats to use and then kept the sink and toilet area for guests. That bathroom, surprisingly, stayed really clean throughout the week. I think it was because I was cleaning up after the cats so much. When it came time for deep cleaning it went pretty quickly. I took over all cleaning of the bathrooms at this point because I was constantly perfecting my craft….hmmm. This is where I came up with Monday is Bathroom day. At least for our house.

Our third home was a town home. Connected on one side. We finally had three bathrooms. Great huh? Not for those who have to clean. My daughter was, by this time, a preschooler and pretty busy. I kept to my Monday bathroom cleaning schedule and all was well.

A few years ago we moved to our current home. I like to think our last because I've moved all my life and it would be nice to just stay put for a while. Our nice big, to us, home has three bathrooms also. The master bathroom is a tad bit bigger with one of those separate toilet rooms. Who thinks of those? My sister thinks it's a great invention. I tell her it's just another room to clean. Meh!

Since we have been in this home I have struggled with finding the right system for cleaning the bathrooms. Even though we have the same number of bathrooms as before our current season (the season of life we are in) means much busier than when my daughter was a teeny tot.  Also the addition of hosting a church function, in our home, on Saturdays means that the guest bathroom gets a deep cleaning Friday night no matter what.

All of this…this… change just throws me off my Monday bathroom game because now I'm deep cleaning bathrooms on Monday AND Friday! I don't like that. I just don't.

I like a clean bathroom and tidy them up each day but to deep clean bathrooms 2x a week???!!! Too much! I need one specific day, the best day for me to clean the bathrooms.

Which brings me to why I worked to get my Master Bathroom clean in 20 minutes and 6 steps.

I didn't want to spend hours deep cleaning the bathrooms but I knew deep cleaning the bathrooms each week is something that fits our home life.

This meant I had to fine tune my processes. Find ways to speed up the things that were slowing me down.

The one thing that bogged me down the most in cleaning our Master Bathroom was our shower. We have a larger shower with tile that I got to pick out and glass shower doors (that's another story). Standing in there scrubbing with a sponge was a lot of work and I've gone through different ways to make it less back breaking. I even tried using my flat microfiber mop to scrub the walls but it hard to get into corners and such.

My husband came home the other day with a  Libman Wonder Mop and I instantly knew this would make cleaning that shower a whole bunch easier!

To use a Libman Wonder Mop first soak the microfiber head in hot water for 5 minutes. This makes the fibers nice and plump and ready to go to down.

Since I was using the mop in the shower I didn't dip it in a mop bucket but rather sprayed down the shower, let it sit a few minutes for dwelling time (the time for the cleaner to work) and then proceeded scrub way up high all the way down to the floor. So nice!

I found that the Libman Wonder Mop is a great tool for quickly scrubbing down the showers and tubs.                                                                                                                                                   Click here to pick up a $3 coupon for the Libman WonderMop.

So now when I clean my Master Bathroom I go through it in 6 Easy Steps. From beginning to end I follow this path and get in and out of the bathroom (even with separate toilet room) in a flash.

I've listed my steps for you below and also how long each one takes me.

Here is my 6 Step, 25 Minute Routine to Cleaning the Master Bathroom

  1. 2 minutes to remove everything from counters and shower area.
  2. 30 seconds to flush toilet and add cleaner.
  3. 9 minutes to scrub down the shower with the Libman WonderMop and clean the glass shower doors with window cleaner.
  4. 5 minutes to scrub out the sink.
  5. 2.5 minutes to spray and wipe down entire toilet.
  6. 6 minutes to vacuum and then mop the whole floor (including the little toilet room).

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